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Eclectic Bedroom Design: Best Tips to Style Your Space

When we say eclectic, you probably think everything goes with everything style. While a mixture of textures, colors, and designs is one of the main characteristics of eclectic design, you shouldn’t rely on the motto that you can throw any color in your bedroom to make it look eclectic. There’s a fine line between tacky and eclectic, and we’re here to help you see it clearly. The minute you think you’ve gotten off the beaten path, we’ll be here to point you in the right direction by showing you how to create the eclectic bedroom of your dreams.

Whimsical wallpaper backdrops

Once you have a base color set, you can immediately start building your eclectic décor. Creating a wow effect with wallpapers is one way to do it. You can choose a floral pattern wallpaper to put on the wall behind your bed. That can instantly become the focal point that will affect how you incorporate other hues into the room. A jungle-like wallpaper from the ceiling to the middle of the wall and then a simple white or black wall with crown molding for the lower half will be all you need in an accent wall. Consider matching a carpet with your wallpaper colors for a sense of cohesion.

Various furniture designs

When going for eclectic, feel free to mix various eras of your furniture pieces. An antique trunk for the foot of the bed and a modern-day bookcase will go well together if their finishes match, for instance. Think industrial-looking bedframe to go with your distressed nightstands. Looking to add a trendier style to your eclectic bedroom? Consider getting some of the comfy bedsheets from store and feel like you’re sleeping wrapped in a cloud and make your bed more inviting too.

Add a focal point

While the wallpaper wall can be a wonderful focal point, some of you might be interested in a less aggressive approach. How about a massive chandelier in the center of the bedroom, instead? A gigantic fluffy rug with an armchair of equally overwhelming size will make you spend more time in your bedroom but not necessarily in bed. An accent wall doesn’t have to feature bold wallpaper. Alternatively, you can hang a full set of framed photographs or your favorite paintings. Cover it in art from floor to ceiling for the ultimate eye-catching area. However, always keep in mind that you shouldn’t overwhelm the space with too many diverse items.

Choosing the best base color

You’ll also need to think about the color that will serve as a base point for the rest of the décor. You’ll want to make a statement with bedspreads, paintings, and lamps. Therefore, a neutral shade such as beige, taupe, or grey will be best for the walls and floors. Not only are those colors great for building the décor around them, but they will also work well when mixed. Including those three hues and throwing red, blue, and orange elements around them will give off an industrially eclectic look that offers a dose of relaxation too. If you live in Australia, you can contact professional painters from Neutral Bay with rich experience and expertise that can help you choose the right color for your walls and open a door to your fresh new bedroom. As far as floor materials are concerned, laminate, tiles, and hardwood are some of the best options.

Play with textures

Do you love a range of textures popping here and there in your bedroom? You’ll achieve the best effect if you choose to combine smooth and rough textures. That way, your bedroom will look more inviting and interesting. That is especially true for textures that feature simple color palettes. Some of the best options include bushy pillows or rugs. Feel free to include weave fabrics on furniture, that will go great with the previously mentioned wooden trunk at the foot of your bed. Smooth finishes on bedside tables or dressers will create a nice contrast.

Eclectic design can easily make you think that you’re allowed to mix and match all the possible styles and textures together. However, the main rule to remember is to always strive towards creating balance. If you plan to incorporate various textures, they need to be cohesive. With a focal point to catch the eye and base color to keep everything connected seamlessly is all that you need to have a stunning eclectic design in your bedroom.

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