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9 ways to make your house more inviting for your guests

When you invite guests over to your house your primary concern is mostly regarding their comfort. A huge part of the guests being comfortable usually lies in how inviting your house is. If your house has a vibe that is not welcoming it will be hard for you to make the people you invited over feel comfortable. The signs of a house feeling welcoming are all over. These signs are there embedded in the aura, vibe furniture, hue, and other things that make a house a home. For many people, it is very difficult to understand what actually makes the home inviting. They are unable to see these signs. But keep the tension out of your brain. We are here to help you with this. Here are 9 ways in which you can make some changes around the house to make it more welcoming for your guests.

Work on the porch

Since the porch is the first thing that comes to the vision of the people that are invited over to your house, it is imperative that you put some thought into making it as welcoming as possible. A good idea would be to install statues that give out a cozy vibe and not something dark. Try looking at things like a small fountain or a swing too. Pay attention to little details too. How do the roof shingles look on your porch? Could they do with a refresh? You can look into the average roof replacement cost to see if now is the time to get those shingles replaced. Such things can easily bring a smile to the faces of your guests and can initiate the welcoming vibe very well.

Re-create the front and back yard

Yes, it’s true, most people do take care of their front yard. They keep the grass cut, the plants watered and the fences painted. But does everyone pay as much attention to their backyard as well? The answer is no. The backyard is an equally important place and needs to be maintained if you want the welcoming aura to stay intact. A way to make the front or a back lawn even more inviting is to add things like a picnic table and chairs or an installation that looks friendly. There are many installations that you can find online and there are some interesting ones which you can make at home all by yourself.

Greeting messages always work well

While entering your house it can be pleasing for people to read a nice friendly message that welcomes them into your home. The trend to display such messages on foot mats is an old tradition and is fast fading. Rather than following the boring old trend you could instead go for things like hanging a sign on the lamp outside or displaying a message on the mailbox. You should take out time to think of a nice friendly message or you could simply go to the internet to speed things up.

Paintings and photos

Once entering the house the guests will be looking around at the place. The majority of the vision on average is caught by the walls and the things that are on the walls. Instead of displaying things like heads of stuffed animals (which are actually banned in some places) a much better idea is to hand out family paintings and pictures. This gives the place a familiar vibe and a kind of relation between the house and the people living in it. If you do not have many photos of your family then you could find some refreshing paintings and pictures to hang around the house.

The kitchen needs to be neat 

In most western and developed countries the kitchen is usually open. Apart from being a little more convenient, open kitchens also look very good. But a negative factor of open kitchens is that there is a lot of maintenance that goes into them. An open kitchen needs to be kept neat and tidy because if a guest walks into your house a messy kitchen will give a very unwelcoming aura. To clean up your kitchen and to make it neat you can take on some very basic tricks like installing cheap kitchen cabinets or simply decluttering by throwing away items that you do not use. A neat and tidy kitchen makes a very positive impression on your guests.

Bedrooms need to be comfortable

Many people forget that you need to concentrate on making the bedroom more comfortable than a modern one. Installing new-age devices and other gadgets in a room does not make it more welcoming. On the other hand, a simpler bedroom feels much more welcoming to people as they are not constantly bombarded with the fear of not being able to operate modern technology effortlessly.

Couches and Sofas

Selecting the right type of couch for the living room and other places of the house is a huge task. One has to find the right balance between luxury and comfort while selecting such things. A sofa that does not look too high maintenance makes it easier for the guests to relax as they do not fear dropping something on it and ruining an expensive piece of furniture. So while making sure the furniture has some standard to it, it is also important to not make it go the extra mile.

The correct lighting is imperative

Lighting plays a huge part in establishing the mood of all the occupants as well as the guests of the house. If the lighting is too dim, the people will feel dull and if the lighting is too bright then it will not be comfortable at all. Also, yellow light is preferred indoors especially in places where the motive is to relax and have fun. White light is usually better for places where alertness is required, like in the study. 

Household Fragrance

A smelly house is obviously never considered welcoming. Aromas that make a person feel comfortable and relaxed can be easily purchased from the market in the form of room fresheners or incense sticks. Making sure the aromas of a place are on point is extremely important. 

Welcoming a guest into your house is very different from actually making the guest feel welcome. There are various things required to make the guests achieve such a level of comfort. You can refer to the article to understand all such things and get on with the preparations.

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