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Advice for Buying a Small Car

When it comes to buying a small car, you might be considering a small one this time around. There are plenty of benefits to choosing to say no to the large SUV options and choose something smaller, and the top two are affordability and fuel economy. In this current cost of living crisis, affordability is so important to consider more than anything else. 

The size of the car is one thing but choosing the right one takes a little research. Finding the right model that works for you is going to be a top consideration, and the Skoda small car range could be the first place you look. You need to get this decision right so that you’re not stuck with the wrong car and we’ve got a list of things to consider when you are shopping for a smaller vehicle.

  • Consider the fuel economy. We’re all watching the cost of petrol go skyrocketing through the roof so you need to consider the climbing gas prices when buying in the small car range. Most smaller cars with 40 mpg fuel economy numbers use a small-displacement non turbocharged engine, and these are great for being city cars. If you are zipping around the city going where you need to go, small cars are perfect for that.
  • Transmission choices. Most small cars come with up to 9-speed automatic transmission. If you like a manual transmission, you can get up to 6-speed with that but these aren’t as common as they used to be. A wider range of gear options helps to deliver that better fuel economy and so you can think about what your options are. The test drives that you do will give you some insight as to which transmission is truly right for you and you can make better car choices from there, too.
  • What’s most comfortable? Small cars are small and if you are tall, you’ll struggle to sit comfortably. If you’re single, small cars are easier but if you have a family, you might struggle with this one, too. The good news is smaller car ranges can still be comfortable but you have to think about what you need most out of this car. Test drive a few vehicles before you cement on your choice. You can move up from tiny to compact-sized, which isn’t the same as small, by the way!
  • Consider safety. As the car gets bigger, the more mass you have around you and the safer you are. Smaller cars may not feel as safe at the beginning but it’s simple physics; the bigger the car, the safer they are, but that doesn’t mean that small cars aren’t safe! You can find safety in a smaller vehicle and you can check the IIHS website to see what the brand’s crashworthiness rating is.

When you’re ready to get going and buy your new car, check out the small car ranges first. You’ll find that they are easier to afford and easier to drive!

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