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Affordable Boise Neighborhoods In 2020

Boise has been ranked as one of the fastest-growing and most affordable cities in the country recently. With affordable house costs, accessible public transportation, and low healthcare costs, it is no surprise that plenty of people are considering moving permanently to this beautiful city in Idaho. While everyone knows that Boise is a great place to live and raise a family, you still need to find an affordable home in a safe and clean neighborhood. Let’s take a look at some of the top neighborhoods in and around the city.

Affordable Boise Neighborhoods In 2020


West Valley

West Valley can be described as a classic suburban community that has subdivision built as early as the 90s. It is located near Meridian and Nampa, making it a great place to live if you are employed at any of these places. With ownerships rates being high, the pride among the residents is evident in the clean neighborhoods with beautiful landscapes and gardens. You will be able to see plenty of families enjoying their evenings in the local park, or walking their dogs or even enjoying a friendly chat or two with their neighbors. Additionally, the West Valley is located near Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve as well, making it even more appealing to newcomers.

 West Bench

The West Bench neighborhood is especially prized because of its central location in addition to the plethora of mid-century homes in the area. The West Bench is home to the Capital High School and also boasts of three city parks as well as the Fairmont park, a pool and also its very own library branch. It is also home to the Cole Village Shopping Center and the Idaho Capital Asian Market. West Bench has easy access to the Chinden Boulevard and the interstate as well. It is also close to the Boise River Greenbelt, the Whitewater Park and the Live-Work-Create District in the Garden City.

 Treasure Valley, Meridian

This beautiful neighborhood boasts of a family-friendly community with plenty of affordable housing options in all sizes. Experts from https://www.homesinmeridian.com/ opine that it is the best choice for families with kids as it is in close proximity to excellent schools, restaurants as well as plenty of entertainment options. The community has a newsletter that keeps you up to date on upcoming activities and events so that you can be a part of the community.  If you are looking for a safe and beautiful locality to raise your family, look no further, Treasure Valley is the answer.


Borah is a hidden gem where you can find a mid-century dream home to settle down in. Although the neighborhood does get overlooked due to its location, it is a great find for frequent commuters. Who knows, you might even find a three-bedroom house in Borah with hardwood floors at an affordable price.

 Southwest Ada County Alliance

The Southwest Ada County Alliance is also known as the Southwest Boise. It offers plenty of different housing options based on your preference. You can find properties from the 70s and the 80s and even a few ranchettes. The neighborhood also boasts of classic homes. Further south you will find new planned communities that are at affordable rates and great to raise a family in.

 Southeast Boise

Homes located in Southeast Boise are the most sought-after by homebuyers in the city. It is in close proximity to the Boise River as well as the Greenbelt. It is also just a short drive away from Boise State University, downtown as well as the airport. With new developments popping up in the neighborhood, Southeast Boise is a great option for a newcomer to the city.


The homes in Collister belong to the 70s to the 90s era and feature a lot of mature trees and beautiful landscaping. It’s wide and quiet streets are welcoming and friendly. Collister is located close to the Boise foothills and the Greenbelt, making it a great location for people who love outdoor adventures. Additionally, it is just a short ride away from downtown Boise, making it a premium location. You will definitely not regret buying a home in Collister.

 Depot Bench

Depot Bench is named after the Union Pacific Railroad that was built in 1925. The location is actually a patchwork of contemporary as well as historic views. It offers a breathtaking view of the Boise foothills as well as downtown Boise. Depot Bench is just a short drive away from downtown. This offers you easy access to plenty of fantastic dining options as well as local shopping. The Vista Shopping Mall and Vista Avenue are closely located to Depot Bench, making it easier for residents to have a good time and enjoy with their family and friends.

 South Boise Village

The best thing about South Boise Village is that it offers lots of great options for homebuyers who are buying their first home. The location attracts plenty of young professionals as it is just an eight-minute drive from downtown and is also within walking distance to the ever-popular Greenbelt. Since the South Boise Village is close to Boise State University, houses in this locality have excellent resale value and are always in high demand. Broadway Avenue is also located nearby, adding to the value of this place. 

 Pierce Park

Pierce Park was initially a park that was then converted to Plantation Country Club. The surrounding locality adopted the surname and it has stuck since then. Pierce Park has plenty of homes from the 80s and the 90s era. Even though the park does not exist anymore, the country club and the Pierce Park Green offer residents a chance to catch up on their golf and some extra Vitamin D. With the rising popularity of Pierce Park, new constructions are also taking place to offer newcomers a chance to settle down in this beautiful part of the city.

 Fortunately, Boise offers plenty of choices that are affordable, easily accessible and safe. If you are looking for a new home in a lovely neighborhood in and around Boise, you will have plenty to choose from. However, if you are looking for an investment option, the sooner you invest, the better, as Boise real estate market is on the rise. 

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