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Affordable Decorating Ideas To Make You Fall In Love With Your Condo

In big cities around the world, condos have replaced the starter home. With real estate prices beyond the reach of many young singles and couples, thousands of people are looking toward condos instead. There’s a lot going for condos. They’re close to transit, they make urban living affordable, they’re closer to the nightlife and great restaurants, and they make maintenance easy. (Best of all – there’s no grass to cut or sidewalks to shovel.) But they can be tight and that makes furnishing and decorating a new condo a challenge. That doesn’t mean you can’t transform your small space with your vision, whether you want a warm and hospital environment, prefer modern styles, or want to recreate a boho loft look.

Part of condo living is making the most of city life. That means you’re willing to sacrifice space because you spend more of your life out of the house. You don’t do dinner parties, you meet your best friends at the latest restaurants. You don’t have people over for drinks, you’d rather go out to your favorite cocktail bar. That doesn’t mean your home decor shouldn’t be an expression of yourself or that you can’t create a welcoming environment when you walk through your front door. City life can be exhausting and frustrating; with the right decorating tips, you are going to love coming home.

The secret to loving your condo is making the most of limited space. If you’re living in a condo, you don’t entertain often. That means you don’t need the kind of furniture you might have grown up with. Dispense with the excessive living room table – especially if you don’t have a living room. With many starter condos relying on open concept kitchen-living rooms, you’ll probably do most of your eating at the kitchen island (if not the couch, if you’re really being honest). That gives you room in your living room to do a whole lot more. A sectional is an economical way to maximize seating space, while you can add personal touches or create a work nook. Make the most of your balcony with a wrought-iron café-style table and chairs so you can spend summer afternoons reading with a great view of the city.


Affordable Decorating Ideas To Make You Fall In Love With Your Condo

Besides space saving furniture, you want your home decor to match your style and express your personal taste. Bright colors like rose, white, and eggshell blue can add light to a condo that’s stuck in the shadows of its neighbors and also add a sense of light and space to cramped quarters. Adding wood can help keep an airy pastel color scheme from seeming overly cheery by toning things down a touch.

There are so many different ways you can add a personal touch to your new condo. Don’t let yourself feel boxed in by small spaces. With the right mix of classic decorating savvy and personal taste, you’re going to feel right at home.