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Awesome t-shirt designs and instructions that will rock your world!

Awesome t-shirt designs and instructions that will rock your world!

There are lots of things that need to be considered when it comes to t-shirt designs. They are not as simple as we would like to think as there are lots of considerations you need to make prior to ordering an item. 

Luckily, you also don’t have to be a designer in order to figure out what will work and what will look horrendous. In order to make the right decision and create a custom t-shirt that will last for a long time, we have made this brief guide. 

Check out all the tips and instructions that will guide you throughout the process. Enjoy!

  • Think twice, buy once 

Custom t-shirts are very similar to tattoos: once you get one, there is no turning back. Of course, the consequences are much more different which gives you more leeway for experimenting with t-shirts. However, you also shouldn’t go on a shopping spree and create each motif you think of. Instead, you need to focus on themes that are near and dear to your heart thus creating an item that you will wear for years to come.

  • Customize custom-made t-shirt

What do we mean by this? Well, instead of simply downloading an image from the web, why don’t you create it yourself or hire a friend who can draw? Use the same initial idea but make sure to add an artistic touch to it. For example, instead of simply drawing your favorite cartoon character, why don’t you make it in a different style? Use different environment to change the vibe or combine various elements so that a t-shirt carries even more symbolism.

  • Think about the colors

There are lots of considerations you need to make when it comes to colors. Will the t-shirt color match with the rest of your clothing? Will the print go well with t-shirt color? Is excess of colors affecting the symbolism? Can you properly see the image? Of course, all of this depends on how you’re using the t-shirt. Some people create custom t-shirts just so they can flaunt them around. For others, it doesn’t matter what kind of scheme they’re using as long as it’s fun to them. So, create the item according to your desires and expectations.

  • Pay attention to sizes and sex

Most people don’t even think about this but sizes and sex do matter when ordering a custom t-shirt from an online store. You need to find a product that is adequate for your body type but also sex. There is no point in retuning the item just because of a small blunder. Given that t-shirts take some time to create and deliver, you don’t want to go through process of ordering twice and waiting twice. It will take all the fun out of the process!

  • Always go with cotton

When it comes to custom-made items and especially t-shirts, natural fibers are much better. Print will stay on them for a much longer period of time. Cotton in particular is sturdy enough and good to “keep” the colors. Keep in mind that full cotton will always be more expensive compared to synthetic options. Of course, if you want to spare some money, you can go with a mix of polyester and cotton. However, don’t expect the same results or longevity of the print!

Now that you know everything about prints, custom items and online ordering, you are ready to create an awesome t-shirt that will showcase your persona the right way. Just make sure to take your time, pick the right print and you’re good to go!