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Baby Beauty – 6 Baby Products That Are Worth Adding To Your Beauty Routine

Welcome to motherhood! As you embrace your new journey as a mom, stop for a second to catch the pleasing aroma of all the baby products you have welcomed into your home.

As whiffs of loving lavender and cool chamomile filter through the air in your baby’s room, here’s a little reminder that some baby products can be added to your own beauty routine as well. Here are six baby products that play double-duty as beauty products:

  • Nappy Rash Cream

Multipurpose Sudocrem nappy rash cream is made to remedy irritation on a baby’s bum, but as a mom, you can do a lot with your child’s nappy rash cream too. Apply Sudocrem to cracked heels to soothe them instantly. The balm also works wonders on chapped lips, and you can even use it to soothe insect bites. Due to the zinc oxide contained in Sudocrem, big insect bites need no longer be a bother.

  • Baby Powder

As much as you hate to admit it, being a mum means spending less time under the showerhead, and you may not get to wash your hair as often as you like. 

Luckily, baby talc doubles as a dry shampoo and can be a great way to hide those greasy roots.

Start by dabbing a dash of baby powder into your roots to soak up any extra oil. Just make sure to comb it through afterward to avoid leaving any noticeable traces of baby talc in your hair.

  • Baby Wipes

By now, you may have realized how versatile and handy wet wipes are. You can use them to gently remove your makeup, and baby wipes are so sensitive that you can even remove eye makeup with them.

To clear up waterproof makeup, simply drench your baby wipe with some baby oil. Baby oil works just as well for removing excess makeup from your eyes as it does for getting rid of stains on a baby’s bottom!

  • Organic Snacks

The easy-squeeze organic snacks that you often carry around for your baby to eat on the go have another powerful use. These mushy food packs could work as a weekly face mask. 

The banana food pack is ideal for nourishing the skin. The yogurt content in the snacks is great for cleansing the skin, and the strawberry food pack can be used to exfoliate. 

So, if your baby leaves some extra food behind, simply use it as a mask to avoid any waste. It’s a win-win!

  • Baby Oil

This is another baby product that has so many uses that you won’t regret purchasing it. Aside from being an eye makeup remover, baby oil can be used when shaving your legs. You won’t even need to moisturize afterward as your baby oil will do the trick.

  • Baby Shampoo

While baby shampoo smells great, it is also very gentle on hair. This includes the hairs on your make-up brushes. Use some of your baby’s shampoo as a makeup brush cleaner to get any excess foundation out of the brush.

Since your beauty routine begins with a good makeup brush, make sure all your makeup brushes remain clean and germ-free always.

 You may have always wondered why moms-to-be ask for baby products as entrance gifts for their baby showers. Well, perhaps reading about the amazing alternative uses for baby products and how easily they can fit into your beauty routine has given you the answer!

Photo: Sai De Silva/Unsplash