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Slots that Raised Controversy on their Release

As hundreds of new slot games are being released each week, it is becoming more and more difficult for game developers to come up with original ideas for them. That’s why there have been several cases where game producers took it a step too far and introduced Slots Baby that raised a lot of controversy on their release. Below you can read about what was so scandalous about them.

Dark Knight

This slot was based on the very famous Batman movie, and it hit the headlines when a man from Australia won one of the biggest jackpots in the history of online slots. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only reason why soon after the release everyone was talking about the game.

It turned out the slot had a few licensing issues. The issue raised a lot of controversies and the slot had to be discontinued.

Space Diggers

Space Diggers is a slot from Playtech, one of the most popular slot game developers. Over the years Playtech released countless slots and many of them are constantly amongst the most played online slots in casinos around the world. Nevertheless, even a giant like Playtech can make mistakes.

That was the case when they introduced Space Diggers, a slot featuring the ‘Game Modifier’ option. What was supposed to be a fun bonus feature turned out to be a technology allowing casinos to modify RTP of the slot. That goes against the rules of gambling. The outcomes of spins have to be completely random and no one can change them, so the slot was truly controversial.

OMG! Kittens

The theme of this slot was colorful and featured pictures of cute, fluffy kittens. You might think that at first glance it seems like there is nothing controversial about it. And yet OMG! Kittens got banned by slot regulators soon after it had been released.

As the game offers aesthetics resembling an online game for kids, some people got concerned that it could attract underage players. In fact, there actually was an incident where a kid as young as 13 years old used his dad’s credit card and started playing the game.

Dual Slots

While this position on the list might not be a single slot title, dual slots are a recent invention that also caused a lot of controversy after being introduced. Dual slots allow players to play two slots at the same time. They can have both games open and visible in one window.

Despite the excitement of some players, there were a lot of concerns after the release because some people believe that solution encourages players to spend more money. When playing two games simultaneously they also spend money faster. After the release of this new slot feature, many people were saying that it can lead to players developing dangerous gambling habits.


Slot game developers are constantly competing for who creates the most unique titles so sometimes they might go overboard. Nevertheless, they never have bad intentions. Nowadays slot games are subject to many regulations that make sure players are being protected from fraud. If new games raise the controversy on their release, they are not very likely to last.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels