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The use of parental control apps is on the rise. Almost every parent these days is either using one or has heard about it because the app waves-off parents vex to stay updated on their teen’s whereabouts or cell phone activities. One parental control gaining popularity among parents over a very short span is FamilyTime app which is now called the best parental control app. It offers a wide range of interesting features at a very affordable price. Read below to find out more:

FamilyTime- An Overview:

FamilyTime is a parental monitoring app which enables parents to monitor their teen’s location, online life, phone usage and a lot more. It is user-friendly to both tech-savvy and not so tech-savvy parents. This app not only offers features to monitor but also allows parents to connect to their children 24/7. To make this app work best for you, it requires the consent of your children. FamilyTime has separate versions for both parents and teens; this means that the app collects no data from the parent’s phone. However, it collects location, web-history, call-logs, contacts, and apps from the child’s phone. Some of its interesting features are:

  1. Contacts mirroring
  2. Monitoring call logs
  3. Track SMS history
  4. Watchlisting contacts
  5. Check the list of installed apps
  6. Track usage frequency
  7. Blacklisting unwanted apps
  8. Allowing specific time for an app usage
  9. Track internet usage & web-history
  10. Monitoring  bookmarks
  11. Allowing Specific hours for the device usage on a weekly or daily basis
  12. Scheduling auto screen locks
  13. Remotely locking the phone
  14. Setting speed limits
  15. Receiving over-speed, SOS and PickMeUp alerts
  16. Tracking location in real time and past history
  17. Geo-fencing important places

There is a lot more parents can do with this app. To know exactly what you can do, give FamilyTime app a try for free.


To get the app, go now to the app store on your phone.

Light On Pocket:

This app offers these and many other features at a great price. The parent app is free, but the child app costs only a few bucks. Once parents download this app they will get a free trial of full premium for 3 days, after which you can subscribe to a monthly, quarterly or yearly package. And none of these will cost a dent in their budget. Also, for every member added, the subscription will be separate.

One Touch Parenting!

FamilyTime app can be a great tool for working parents, who want to monitor their children on the go. Parents can now sit back, relax because the complete activities of their children rest on the palm of their hands. Not only this, they can also give their children the confidence of being only a touch away.