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A Wedding That’s A Family Affair

Thinking Out All The Angles

If you or your spouse-to-be have a previous marriage in the past, there could be children involved in the wedding ceremony itself. In such a scenario you’ll want to be sure you have options in terms of, say, dresses for your youngest bridal party members, or little tuxedos for ring-bearers and the like.

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Also, you may have to deal with families which have had their own internal difficulties unrelated to the upcoming marriage. What if the bride-to-be has divorced parents? How are you going to handle seating them? Well, you’ll want them in the same row. You might want them on opposite sides of the aisle. Barring that, you want them on opposite sides of the same row.

Regardless, you don’t just want to put them next to one another; especially if the divorce wasn’t on good terms. You’ll have considerations things like these in abundance the day of the wedding already; you might as well avoid issues that are predictable. Following, several additional realities of a wedding will be briefly explored here.


A wedding that includes two families coming together will certainly be making real wealth solutions more available to newlyweds than might otherwise have been the case. When those getting married have families in their previous background, resources are likely to expand. Still, this might not be the case; it could be just the opposite.

A Wedding That's A Family AffairImage Source: https://pixabay.com/en/heart-wedding-marriage-love-hands-529607/

In either scenario, you want to look at where you can cut unnecessary costs. One of the best ways to do that might involve using crowd-sourced solutions like Honeyfund, which are designed to help those attending your wedding give anonymously. With a marriage involving previous family members, you want to be particularly savvy, here.

Consider billionaires. They’ve got people contacting them on a regular basis. Did you know some people deliberately send invitations to billionaires they know won’t attend their wedding? Do you know why? Sometimes the secretary of the individual will simply send out a perfunctory wedding gift on par with others given by guests.

In the worst-case scenario with such an invitation, the billionaire gets wild hair and attends your wedding; and that’s downright memorable! A billion is a thousand million, and a million is a thousand thousands. Weddings tend to average around $20k. $20k is 1/50,000th of a billionaire’s assets. If you won the lottery here and have some lonely billionaire attend, you might find your ceremony totally paid for. Stranger things have happened.


If you’re going to have young ones at your wedding, you want to have something they can look forward to. They can’t date or drink, but they’re going to love dessert, and if you’ve got a local djs for weddings, there might be some songs that they find particularly entertaining. You might even rent a bouncy castle if there are enough kids.

A wedding should be a celebration for everyone, and you want to teach young ones to hold such occasions as positive events. Find ways of making it worth their while. This is especially true if either the groom or bride has children from another marriage. Oh, and don’t forget about everyone else, either! An open bar, a well-apportioned candy buffet, and a bouncy castle might just cover all your bases.

A Family Event To Remember

Weddings are important, and they don’t have to be stuffy. They can be fun. If you’ve got a lot of families—especially families with young children—you want to think about these things well in advance and make the right decisions. Get the right wardrobe, be savvy with your invitations, and have entertainment options for everybody.