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Can You Lose Your Money Due to a Slot Glitch?

Every day thousands of slots are played, and millions of spins are activated. For the most part, everything runs smoothly, and some punters win whilst others lose. Occasionally, technical problems may cause games not to load, or to spin erratically – PlayAmo no deposit bonus. This can be down to outdated software and operating systems on the customer side of things, as not all punters have brand new devices containing the latest software. If it is a casino problem, then technical support can usually sort it. However, if it is something major, then some casino downtime may be needed to sort out the problem properly. 

When Things Go Wrong 

The majority of the time when things go wrong for punters and they find themselves short-changed or out of cash, it is usually down to player error. The most common mistake is not obeying bonus terms and conditions and betting over the permitted odds that voids the entire bonus. Then punters are left wondering why their bonus cash has vanished. Other common factors that cause punters to lose their cash involve casino settings. Some punters forget to activate all winning lines on a game, or they accidentally deactivate most lines and wonder why winning sequences fail to pay out at all 

Max and High Staking Betting 

In theory, a casino should really have all slot games set on the minimum betting value. This is the safest default setting for all players. However, this is not always the cause at many casinos and whether it is a glitch or not, remains unclear. The problem with many casinos is that the slots are automatically set on high stakes or even maximum betting values as the default. Many customers forget to check the stake they are about to spin with or assume it is on the minimum stake. This can lead to players accidentally spinning at £200 a spin and even one spin at this value can wipe out your bankroll. 

Some casinos can be generous and return the stake if you contact customer support, however, the majority will know that they are not obliged to refund the customer in such an event. This glitch in game settings can actually work in the punter’s favor too. One customer at a popular casino site accidentally spun a game for £200 and hit the bonus round with that very first spin. The bonus ended up paying over £6000, not bad for someone who was initially intending on spinning the game for 20p.

Other Casino Glitches 

Sometimes if games fail during a bonus round the bonus can be lost because of the connection failure that occurred. This can be because of an internal error or simply a customer internet issue. Most of the time, the game will automatically remember where it was left and continue once the connection has been re-established. If this does not happen, the customer should note down the game ID and the time and date of the incident, before they contact customer support.

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