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Choosing The Right TV Unit, What To Consider When Buying One

Everyone loves to have a swanky looking dream home and relaxing in front of the TV. Furnishing your home takes a lot of effort and choosing the appropriate units that go well with the ambiance of the room is quite tricky. More than any other room in the house, it is only natural to give more attention to the living room. More efforts are taken to make the living room attractive. This is mainly because guests, relatives or friends are hosted in this room. 

The TV unit forms a big part of the living area. Hence, choosing one that fits the decor becomes vital. The Television unit should not only serve as simple furniture. It should contribute to the comprehensive theme of your living room and also fulfill storage requirements. Here is a walkthrough that will give you all the things to consider while choosing a television unit for your home.

Guidelines to Buy a Television Unit

There are no hard and fast rules that go into buying any furniture piece. This applies to the TV Unit as well. However, there are some common points that can be used as a yardstick to help in your buying choice.


It is recommended that you should choose the material depending on your living room interior. Modern interior designers prefer wood, glass, laminate, metal, and lacquer as furnishing material. 

Wooden units provide a traditional and rustic style to your home that will last for years. The furniture industry makes use of maple, oak, cherry, and mahogany for the manufacture of traditional television units. Hardwood is stronger and resilient compared to MDF, and particleboard that cannot withstand humidity. These are the brilliant options to get a classy look while keeping it within your budget. 

The veneer is also a good choice for TV units. These are made from thin pieces of peculiar woods that gives an expensive wood look, yet affordable. 

Metal and other materials are used in modern homes with contemporary designs. Usually, it has a powder or chrome finish making it attractive. 

A Style that Matches your Living Room

Select a unit that blends with the structure and currently available furniture in the living room. Try to bring the room together while choosing the style. If you are sure of what style you want then go with it. Else, some of the styles mentioned in https://www.moderndigsfurniture.com/modernfurnitureblog.html?article=Modern-TV-Stand-Guide can be checked out if you run out of options. Choosing a traditional hardwood piece for its classic appearance and durability is recommended as that never goes off-fashion. If you want to have a feel of the 21st century to your living room, choose a modern one with sharp and sleek lines.


Mainly there are three types of TV stands. These are center-units, corner-stands, and hutches. Centre unit will give ample of storage space for the cable box, home theatre units, and other accessories. This will allow you to connect the cords from any device to the television easily. Corner TV stands are more suitable for a smaller living room. The TV hutches will allow you to have an enclosed space for your television that draws less attention.

Size of the Room and Television

The TV unit should sync with your living room size. Take the exact measurement of your living room before you start your hunt. With people choosing to buy bigger smart televisions, it becomes an important factor. Get something that is 20% bigger than your TV screen to fit it on the cabinet safely. Also, get one with sufficient capacity to support the television weight. Depending on the size and shape of the room you can opt between a tall, short or standard-height unit. Consider the height of the sitting space to ensure a comfortable viewing angle for the family members.

Storage Space

A TV unit with storage space will particularly be helpful as it gives you more space utility. TV stands with storage are the perfect solution to hide the purveyors of chaos and clutters. You can find a wide range of contemporary and modern pieces with single and multiple shelving options.


If your choice is to have a solid wood piece, brown is the most popular choice. This goes well with a range of styles and living room themes. If you have a contemporary style living area, black should be your strong choice. Black and brown are the safest colors that can blend with the living room environment. This comes to play especially if you have plans to change your living room ambiance more often.

Additional Features to Consider

Add-ons: Glass doors, shelves, and drawers are the most common additions found in most of the TV units. If glass doors are preferred, use tempered glass that is stronger than ordinary glass to hide the items from your guests. IR friendly glass doors will allow the rays from your remote to pass through it even closed.

Space: Make sure to choose the one that is spacious to occupy all the devices. It would be a bonus if you can fit in your entire media library into space. 

Customizable Options: Adjustable shelves will help you in accommodating items in different sizes. 

Cable management: This is a very essential feature that can help you organize the cables and wires so that these don’t get entangled easily. 

Ventilation: Ventilated rear helps electronic gadgets to breathe through the holes present at the backside. 

Swift mount: Swift mount system permits to adjust the screen position according to your eye level for best and comfortable viewing. 

In-built Lighting: The in-built lighting system emphasizes the lighting in your living room. It also helps to highlight the decorative pieces on the shelves.

Rubber stoppers: Rubber stoppers attached to the legs of the unit will fix the stand firmly on the floor even if the floor is uneven. Also, it prevents scratches on the floor while moving the stand. 

*image credits: pexels

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