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9 of the Safest and Most Affordable Places to Live Florida

Affectionately called the Sunshine State, Florida is popularly known for its Everglades, Disney and its lovely climate.

Also known as the retirement state, Florida is not only for seniors looking for warmer temperatures, it has a plethora of job opportunities. Coupled with affordability and a never-ending list of things to do, Florida is perfect for you.  You’ll find a lot of 55 plus communities here in Florida, and why not? It’s where people want to be when they are seeing out their years. Why not bask in the sunshine and be beside the ocean in an environment that gives you a chance to network and explore? The right investment right now gives you somewhere to retire one day.

Ready to enjoy the Sunshine State without breaking the bank?

Learn which are the safest and most affordable places to live in Florida here.

1. Reasons to Relocate to Florida

The following reasons are definitely pulling factors that will have you packing your bags to move to Florida. Here are the top seven reasons to move to Florida:

  • A warm and sunny climate
  • No state income tax
  • Superb beaches
  • Cultural diversity hub
  • Discounts for residents
  • Cheap real estate
  • Strong sports culture
  • Exquisite cuisine

All these are the reasons why every year hundreds of people move to the sunshine state.

2. Things to Know Before You Move

These are little pockets of knowledge about Florida to consider before moving and you’ll definitely want to relocate as soon as possible once knowing them.

Florida is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico along with its other numerous water bodies. Tanning, swimming, surfing, and fishing will become second nature to you, undoubtedly. Additionally, you can get in touch with a rental company to get a luxurious car on rent to explore the city.

The Everglades National Park certainly is not overrated. Schedule a visit, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime to go from swamps, jungles to prairies, forest, and estuaries all in one location.

Who needs a vacation to Africa or Australia? Certainly not you when you move to Florida. Alligators, iguanas, and snakes seen on your trip will make the visit even more memorable and special.

Florida is a cultural milieu. With a mixture of cuisine influenced by Southern, Asian, Latino and Caribbean cultures, it’s something you should really explore. It’s also culturally diverse based on the varied background of its residents.

Fort Lauderdale is home to over 160 miles of intercoastal waterways. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Take a water taxi from place to place or simply enjoy a tour of celeb waterfront homes.

3. Affordable Places to Live in Florida

Here’s a look at the best places to live in terms of safety and affordability.


Found near the Gulf of Mexico on the states’ west coast, this community is constantly growing. This is due to excellent schools, healthcare and the presence of several Fortune 1000 companies.

With young professionals moving in, downtown is the source of vibrant entertainment such as restaurants and night spots. There’s a wide list of things to do not only limited to a visit to the museum or biking through nature.


Hosting the University of Florida and Santa Fe College, this is one of the best college towns. It has a great healthcare system and a productive economy driven by education, tourism, and transportation.

The town boasts an eclectic blend of arts, culture, nightlife, and outdoor recreation. It also has great amenities.

Miami Beach

With over 92,000 residents, the city celebrates the largest collection of art deco architecture worldwide. It boasts lovely beaches, exotic restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife. It’s a party central while being family-friendly.


Made up of more than 500 neighborhoods inclusive of its busy downtown area, this city hosts one of the largest urban park systems in the US as well as a thriving art scene.

Situated in the Atlantic Ocean and St.Johns River, it’s primary industries are healthcare, logistics, banking, and tourism.

Port St.Lucie

Based on Florida’s east coast, the city is popular for companies specializing in research and innovation. Its public schools are some of Florida’s best.

With nearly 190,000 residents it offers entertainment in the form of a PGA village golf complex and the New York Mets training complex in spring.


Located right in the heart of Florida, the city attracts approximately 55 million visitors yearly. Dubbed “The Theme Park Capital of the World,” do you have to wonder why you should move here?

With a host of colleges and universities, excellent schools and healthcare systems. It has about 115 neighborhoods to choose from so you will have some work to do to find the one that’s right for you.

Fort Meade

Found east of Tampa in Central Florida, this is the most affordable city in the state. This little gem in Polk Country is most affordable based on the home price to income ratio.

The city boasts awesome job opportunities and a booming economy. It’s popular among kayakers and canoers. This city boasts cheap real estate with the median value of a home being under seventy-five thousand.


With a median rent of over eight hundred dollars which doesn’t even touch the halfway mark of the statewide average, Clewiston is great to live.

Buying a home is a bit more expensive but still affordable with the median home value being over a hundred thousand dollars.

High Springs

With a population of 5,881 residents, this town situated 80 miles southwest of Jacksonville definitely merits your consideration.

It’s very affordable to buy here and home rentals can be found for under a thousand dollars per month. With its state park and numerous swimming springs, you’re sure to be occupied.

Get Your Suitcases Packed

From the Everglades to the sunny climate, no state taxes and the fact that it boasts some of the cheapest places to live, yes you’re more than considering moving to the Sunshine State.

Be it Miami Beach, Clewiston, Jacksonville or Tampa, Florida is definitely home to some of the most affordable places to live. Given its cultural diversity, job opportunities and affordable rent, it’s certain that you’ll be revisiting our list of some of the most affordable places to live in Florida.

If you are ready to retire there really is no better state to choose, for years senior citizens have made Florida the go-to state for retirees and the exodus to Florida doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

If you would like to know more about real estate, please go to the market outlook section of our website.

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