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Different bingo types

The wonderful thing about the game of bingo is that for many people it isn’t even really classed as a genuine bona fide gambling game, and this is because it is simply so much for more than just that! Whilst games like poker, blackjack, or roulette are immensely fun and come with a particularly lucrative edge, they are still mainly just resigned to the casino, whereas bingo is played in anywhere from schools to care homes. 

This is why it has got so popular since Edwin S. Lowe devised the scorecards that would turn bingo into a massive commercial success – it is open to everyone, unlike most of the other gambling games available. Most people forget that there are various different types of bingo available these days too at www.barbadosbingo.com. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular. 

Speed Bingo 

Not everyone has the time to sit down and play a full-length game of bingo whenever they fancy it, and this is why the development of speed bingo has accelerated with such pace in the busy bustle of the 21st century. Speed bingo only used 30 balls, which is more than half of the amount usually used in a normal game of bingo. 

As a result, the action tends to be over far quicker, and this is only accentuated by the fact that the speed bingo scorecard uses a 3×3 grid. It is the bingo-type most suitable for commuters on the move, hence why it is so popular online. Also, because there is only one prize on offer for the ultimate victor it is also pretty exciting and high stakes. 

75 Ball Bingo 

75 ball bingo is by far the most popular variant in the US, with various spins offs being created from it. As you might well be able to guess from the name, 75 ball bingo uses 75 balls, and the scorecard takes the form of a 5×5 grid. The winner is the first person to check off a full row of numbers, usually in any direction, vertical, horizontal or diagonal. 

With 75 ball bingo there is almost always a range of other prizes on offer for the runners up too, which means that even if you don’t end up winning the whole thing, you are still in with a chance of picking up some cash at least. 

80 Ball Bingo 

80 ball bingo is the definitive online bingo variant, with it actually being created completely with the online market in mind. This variety uses a 4×4 grid, however, unlike 75 ball bingo there are several different combinations that can result in a win. These range from 4 corners, to special individual numbers, all the way through to the classic vertical or horizontal lines. 

90 Ball Bingo 

90 ball bingo is unarguably the most famous type in the entire world, with bingo halls across the globe offering it each and every day. Numbers are displayed randomly across 9 different columns, and there is a tiered prize system that makes things very interesting. 

First off is whoever gets one full horizontal line, followed by two, and finally a full house of every number on the scorecard.