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Do I Need an Attorney for Vehicle Injury?

If you’re involved in an auto accident, it will serve your best interest to retain an attorney.

A professional attorney will do more than defend your rights in a court of law, but they’ll also have your best interest throughout the process.

Ultimately, however, Arash Law injury lawyers in Los Angeles will ensure that you receive the rightful compensation for the injuries.

This comes at a time when the number of fatal injuries in Los Angles rose to 32%, compared to last year.

With that said, I understand that some might argue that they can still achieve all of that without the need of an attorney.

I agree it’s still possible to represent yourself after an accident, but one thing that is for sure is that your chances of winning a case are considerably slimmed down.


In the section below, we look at why you need an attorney for representation after a car accident.

Prove Liability

The most complicated element in a vehicle case is proving negligence.

Sure, a case might seem straightforward, but as you’ll realize, the other parties will always try to shift blame, and this makes it challenging to prove who’s liable for your injuries.

This is particularly true if there’re multiple parties involved.

However, accomplished attorneys can easily sift through the evidence to determine who is at fault.

They’re skillful at obtaining evidence, and this includes;

  • Validating the intensity of your injuries from the medical experts.
  • Obtaining accident reports
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Reconstructing the accident scene

Handle Insurance Company for You

Insurance companies are money-making businesses, and so, their adjusters are trained at negotiating settlements and will do everything in their capacity to minimize payments or even deny your claim altogether.

Now, in case you’re not skillful at negotiating, then it will be a challenge to represent your best interests.

If anything, you’re less likely to receive your rightful compensation and worse off, they might make you make a statement that could inadvertently compromise your ability to receiving compensation.

However, having an attorney by your side has a significant impact on the results of your claim because they can:

  • Help with the negotiation.
  • Handle all the claim details
  • Prepare a statement that benefits you.
  • Represent your best interests

Determine Value of your Injuries

Another complicated element of a car accident claim is determining the true value of your claim.

In most cases, those who represent themselves only consider the medical bills and probably drugs.

However, this is not the true representation of what you need compensation for.

An attorney will not accept lowball offers and those that don’t cater to the full extent of your damages.

When determining your settlement, for instance, the attorneys will consider other elements such as:

  • Lost wages
  • Future lost income
  • Pain and suffering

Filing an Injury Lawsuit

Now, if you cannot settle the claim out of court, then your attorney can advise you on some of the legal options at your disposal.

If the insurance is unwilling to offer a fair settlement, then the attorney can decide to take the case to court.

In most cases, this process always pushes the insurance company to offer a fair settlement, but you should always be prepared to file a case in a court of law.

Educate you on the Laws

Insurance policies are simply agreements between you and the insurance provider.

However, deciphering these legal details can be an arduous task for the ordinary person.

However, a trained attorney will break down every policy to help you understand every law and rules that apply to your case.

Moreover, there’re likely many laws and regulations that apply to your specific case that only an attorney can use to your benefit.

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