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Is Big Hair Finally Making Its Big Comeback?

We can spot a number of retro trends making a comeback. From padded shoulders, power suits, expressive eyeliner flicks, to the most glorious of them all – long, voluminous hair. Although beautiful and healthy hair has always been and remained a trend, we can say that this spring/summer season is simply urging us to ditch our bobs and lobs and to let the big, long hair become a stylish imperative. No wonder, as long hair makes any woman look more youthful, alluring and feminine, as well as healthier. That is why you should invest effort into taking care of your hair and turning it into one of your most attractive features. 

Here are just some of the amazing big hair hairdos. 

A lot of layers

Is Big Hair Finally Making Its Big Comeback?

This kind of haircut, matched with a trendy blowout can make you the Farrah Fawcett of our era. With layers, you will get both the length and the dimension added to your hair, so even if you just decide to simply brush through your hair and wear it down, you will still have an amazing hairdo, say experts at dannyjelaca.com/hair-cuts/. As this kind of hairstyle gives the best results when applied to thick, long hair, if you are not blessed with this kind of mane, you can use help in terms of hair extensions. Real hair, such as the lovely Russian virgin hair extensions, will give you that desired effect of a soft and voluminous hairdo. You don’t have to worry about different lengths of hair, as this is exactly what you want to achieve when rocking a retro layered look. Just make sure to go for a color of hair extensions that matches your own hair, so that everything looks seamless and natural. Then simply blow-dry the hair, apply some hairspray, and you are good to go. 

Romantic ponytails

Is Big Hair Finally Making Its Big Comeback?

Girls in the eighties loved their cute ponytails, and this kind of hairstyle is still a stylish option. What is best about this hairdo is that it works even if your hair is not freshly washed. So, what you need to do to achieve this big hair ponytail is to first put your hair up in a loose, high ponytail and secure it with an elastic. You want it to look a bit messy so pull a few front locks out, curl them, and slightly backcomb the hair at the back of your head. Then add a cute hair bow or a ribbon to your ponytail and you will have this hair look complete. 

Summery highlights

Is Big Hair Finally Making Its Big Comeback?

Big hair doesn’t necessarily always have to be as magnificent and vivacious in the style of the amazing Dolly Parton. Straight and super long hair is a retro trend that can look exquisite on all women, as long as your hair is healthy, with no split ends. If case your hair is a bit shorter, opt for extensions that are made from fine and soft hair so that you can have everything look natural and sleek. Hair extensions will add both length and volume to your hair, two crucial features for achieving big hair. Then add a few sunny highlights to give a new dimension to your hair, a change that will simply urge you to get in your sundress and enjoy a day at the beach. This kind of hairdo best looks perfectly straight with a center part, so get you flat iron ready. If you feel more like wearing a bit of curls, opt for big, soft waves, such as the ones the Instagram beauty Negin Mirsalehi has as her trademark, and don’t forget to use texturizing spray. 

Curls, curls, curls

Is Big Hair Finally Making Its Big Comeback?

In case you are blessed with naturally voluminous, curly hair, then you don’t have to do a lot to get luxurious, big hair. Just take proper care of your hair, using the right products, such as coconut oil, and nourishing it on a regular basis. Your natural hair texture can be one of your greatest features, and you can wear it as it is, or spice up the look a bit with some statement bobby pins and hair clips. In case your hair texture is fine and straight, you can achieve incredible curls with a curling iron. Just make sure that you use a heat protection spray and a sea salt spray, as you want the hairdo to be a bit messy and playful.

Finally, don’t be afraid to embrace the comeback of big hair. Celebrate the warm and sunny weather with a lot of volume in your hair and some charming outfits. 

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