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Dress for Success: Find the Best Custom Suits in New York

Dress for Success: Find the Best Custom Suits in New York

In the past, women mirrored men in the male-dominated corporate world by wearing suits which are normally male clothing. However, as time goes by women have innovated and made these garments created for their own image and made this part of a female’s wardrobe, especially in the corporate world.

A lot of corporate women have taken the suits as armor to mirror the men she is doing business with. It has been decades now since females started using these clothes. In fact the first pantsuits, as mentioned in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pantsuit, for ladies originated back in 1920s when women, in great numbers, were allowed to join the workforce and begun taking on government positions. But the age when pantsuit really bloomed was in the 1980s when blazers had huge pads and it was the craze for many females. 

In the last decade, office has become more casual for employees, both male and female. Companies have been loosening the dress codes for their employees, reflecting the society’s approach of relaxed clothing. Employees are now encouraged to wear clothes that make them comfortable. But despite these changes, suits for ladies have become popular more than ever. Many powerful females have worn the same all the time, just like Hillary Clinton spent her entire political career wearing pantsuits.

Power dressing

Business suits can be traced as far back as 17th century in Europe, particularly in the royal courts where men wear trousers, cravats, long waistcoats which evolved into tailored ones in the 18th century. High-class men wore this type of clothing. These were made of expensive materials and symbolized that these men do not have to work in fields as they were rich and dignified; men who have inherited wealth and land of their own tilled by his workers. Over time, however, men who wanted to look respectable would also invest in them.

Then professional men started to wear these in the offices during the industrial revolution. After then, women also wore the same to assert that they belonged with their men colleagues. 

In these times, however, women have risen through ranks and they no longer have to wear specific type of clothes to prove that they can be powerful. Women can wear any type of work clothes. While some stopped using suits and shifted to more feminine clothes where they would look more classy and sexy, the others preferred these over chic dresses. A large number of powerful females still choose to wear them. Why does this type of clothing appeal to them?

Suit functionality

It is no longer about proving your worth or making a statement. It is just being practical. Several brand owners launched women’s workwear intended to incorporate good functionality into the clothes because they find ladies clothes mostly designed to be decorative. Ladies can wear dresses or pencil skirts to look polished, but these are restrictive to movement, and make ladies conscious of how they would sit or position themselves. Workwear should eliminate distractions to allow women to focus on their work more than focus on how they should sit or act. The suit stands out for this reason. It is perfect for office – it is easier to walk, sit, and move when wearing pants. The jacket keeps a woman warm and it has pockets everywhere, so convenient. 

So it makes sense for this garment to fall into the wardrobes of working women. The modern women suits are made up of technical materials such as polyester so that it does not wrinkle and can resist stains. Pockets are also added inside blazers and special pockets for keycards, for example. A lot of professionals have now adopted this trend. Professional females from all industries even those in tech and creative industries that have no cress codes. Women now have more options from black and grey to colorful ones and interesting patterns.

Dress for Success: Find the Best Custom Suits in New York

Perfecting the design

Women used to downplay their femininity, especially in the workplace because it was dominated by men. But now, women have careers and are rising up in companies. They no longer are considered a liability at their jobs. Because of this change, suits are now being made more feminine, fashionable and sexy. 

If before only suits for men are custom made and for ladies generally are off-the-rack, nowadays, this has changed – those for women have also become custom fit. These are fitted and created with more aesthetics – from boxed shoulders to slim waists, nautical designs with buttons throughout and can be worn without an undershirt. There are those that are sleeveless, some paired with shorts, there are those with huge bows in the front, and other girly styles and designs.

Each and every design, these garments are flattering and accentuating the curves of a woman. Women wear them in all contexts every day. They buy them for fashion week. Fashion magazines are featuring these garments well-fitted on women posing in plush apartments, leather couches, fluffy rugs, floor to ceiling windows, and expensive pieces of furniture – the kind of pad a rich corporate bachelor would have. But it has also now become a women’s world.  This kind of campaign has given birth to a new age for custom suits and females. 

Since clothing is an important aspect, explore your options – websites like thetailorynyc.com are convenient ways to find your preferred outfit. For networking events, business meetings, or even for dates, custom clothes will give you more confidence. Even when you will need alterations on the most basic pieces of clothing, you can surely depend on them to give you the best service that you deserve. 

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