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How to Pull Off Christmas with a Grown-Up Twist

When we think about Christmas, there’s a good chance it takes you back to the magic and excitement you felt as a child. However, Christmas isn’t all about the children, especially if you don’t have any or they’re all grown up. This special time of the year can and should still be a blast for you and your loved ones, so here’s some ideas on how to nail Christmas this year, adult style.


While alcohol isn’t essential to have a good time, there’s nothing wrong with kicking back with a few drinks and enjoying the festivities. While it’s important to drink in moderation, consider getting a range of different drinks to try and enjoy over the Christmas period.

While baileys, eggnog, port and whiskey are a common favourite at Christmas, that doesn’t mean you have to stop there. Buy spirits like vodka and gin, splurge out on the bubbly and don’t forget to buy the wine to pair your delicious Christmas meal with. If you’re having guests over, encourage them to bring something unusual to try. You never know, you might just find your new favourite!


If there aren’t any children around, there’s no reason that the gifts you give can’t be more daring and comical. Be creative. Think about an embarrassing story or a particular memory you all remember fondly and see if you can buy a gift relating to that. For example, say your brother locked himself out while on vacation and provided you all with a laugh, you could get something like a keychain to attach it to his jeans so he never loses them. 

The beauty of being an adult is that you understand if someone can’t afford much in the way of a gift, and if you’re finding yourself in that position this year, why not make a gift? It’s much more personal, and you’ll have saved money in the process. Candle making, for example, is really cheap to do. All you need is some wax, a mould, wicks and fragrance oils. The beauty of it is that you’ll be able to make multiple candles; some for gift giving and some to enjoy at home!


One of the best parts of Christmas is the games you play with your loved ones. Since it’s an adult only party this year, why not spice up Christmas day games with some adult-only games? Things like Cards Against Humanity are always a win and can brighten up your Christmas Day even more!


Finally, it’s important not to forget that Christmas isn’t just about the gifts you give or receive, it’s about spending time with those you love the most. Make an extra effort to make each other laugh and make memories that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. For example, you could choose to dress up on Christmas day to make people laugh. Perhaps you know someone that has a Grinch suit or you’ve got a Santa’s outfit in the closet. Go big on laughter and memories! Chances are you won’t even remember what Christmas gifts you got! 

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