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Fashion Essentials Every Businessman Needs to Own

Dressing up for work can not only be complicated but also exhausting. If you don’t know what to wear day after day, you’ll soon start dreading going to work. In order to prevent any confusion and always look smart and professional, here are a few fashion essentials for every businessman:

A strong suit

Every businessman needs a good suit, no matter how strict or loose your dress code is at the office. If you need to wear a suit every day, three suits are all you need: navy, gray and tan combination. This way, you can sport a monochrome look or mix and match pieces to create new looks (these three colors go perfectly together and you will never make a mistake). Just make sure to get your suit tailored to look more modern and fit.

Dress shirts

Fashion Essentials Every Businessman Needs to Own

There’s a good chance that you’re wearing a button-up shirt every day, so you need at least a few to rotate and be clean and fresh. White shirts are the best solution because they can be matched with any suit, pants and shoes, and any accessories. To add some color to your looks and stand out for all the right reasons, pastel shades are the way to go. They look great with any suit, yet they are not too aggressive, allowing you to look professional and understated.

Casual Friday wear

Casual Fridays can be tricky because they don’t require your regular office attire (like a suit and tie) but also don’t allow overly-casual wear like shorts and a t-shirt. So how can you find the right look to sport? A good rule of thumb is to dress one step lower than what you usually wear at the office. For instance, you can leave your suit at home and instead opt for a classic and classy men’s terry cloth polo shirt paired with a blazer. A polo shirt is still elegant enough for communication with clients yet much more comfortable than any button-up. Chinos and loafers are a great way to round up your Casual Friday look, so stock up on these essentials.

A few timeless accessories

Fashion Essentials Every Businessman Needs to Own

For businessmen, a tie is a must, if not something worn every day, then certainly worn on important occasions. A tie allows you to add some personality to your look and be playful. Always have a few options in your closet so you can switch them up and create new looks. An elegant timepiece is also a must for busy businesspeople. To stick to your tight schedule, an elegant watch can elevate your look and show people that you care about details. And a classic watch can last you a lifetime – even become a family heirloom.

The right shoes

Don’t hesitate to splurge some money on two or three pairs of comfortable yet elegant shoes to compliment your business attire. Oxford’s are where it’s at when it comes to formal shoes, and they match amazingly with any suit. Next, a pair of penny loafers and brogues – these are perfect for daily wear, especially when brown or black. These two colors match almost any look but choose with your favorite suit in mind.

A handy bag

Fashion Essentials Every Businessman Needs to Own

You probably have to carry a laptop, documents, your lunch and some other necessities – a bag will save your life here. This way, you won’t have to look like a mess while struggling with all the items, and there will be nothing to distract people from your immaculate style. A sturdy leather satchel can fit any look and last you for years.

Hopefully, once you invest in all the pieces listed above, you’ll see that dressing up for work is not hard at all. You’ll enjoy looking professional and don’t hesitate to soak up all that attention you’ll get.

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