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Kids Fashion: Help Your Children Discover Their Own Style Statement

Kids Fashion: Help Your Children Discover Their Own Style Statement“Style is a way to say who you are without having to say it out loud.” – Rachel Zoe. 

Just like adults, kids also have their own style statement. But, they only get to discover it after entering adolescence. It is because, generally, parents choose clothes for them. Well, some kids get inspired by their parents’ choices. While some might have different preferences, which they explore during their teenage years. 

However, for your kids’ better growth and development, they must discover their fashion preferences as early as possible. Believe it or not, but it’ll help improve self-confidence and self-dependence in your children. 

Also, a good first impression generally helps kids to make friends and socialize. So, understanding comfort level and fashion can also help in improving social skills. Shocking, isn’t it? 

Now the question is, how can you encourage your little one to explore their own fashion style? 

No worries! We’ve got your back! In this article, we’ll discuss some fun ways that can help you out. So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

  • Create A Color Wheel 

A color wheel is not just a fun game, but it can also help teach your kids to mix and match. You can add different prints and colors to the wheel. And let your kid select whatever they want. Nonetheless, make sure that the chosen color or pattern is in your kid’s wardrobe. It will encourage them to try something new. 

In fact, you can also play this game to select shoes and accessories. Every time they rotate the wheel, they’ll get a new item. It’ll allow them to tap into their creative sides and create unique styles. 

Note: Even if your kid doesn’t wear the color selected through the wheel, let them be. Understand that it is all about letting them discover. 

  • Dressing Up Isn’t For Parties Only.

Have you saved your little ones’ fanciest clothes for special occasions? Or do you only dress up your kids when they need to go to a party? If yes, then you need to stop that. Keep in mind that dressing up is not about special occasions. Instead, it is about feeling good about oneself. Therefore, you should let your child wear that pretty outfit and enjoy it. (In fact, you should do this too!) 

Remember the quote, “Live life to the fullest.”? Well, it holds true for everyone regardless of age and gender. So if your little one is happy today by wearing a white t-shirt, be part of their happiness. 

Besides, kids grow very quickly, so it’ll be good if they could wear their favorite clothes before they don’t fit anymore.

  • Teach Them Cleaning Habits

Children like to have fun. However, their fun sometimes means painting their clothes or jumping in the muddy puddles. Therefore, along with teaching your little one about fashion, you should also teach them about cleaning habits. And by that, we mean doing laundry. 

Every time you are doing laundry, ask your baby to assist you. You can assign basic tasks such as putting the clothes in piles, bringing an empty bucket, or setting a timer. All these habits will help them understand the time and effort that goes into washing. So, they will also try to keep the clothes clean. 

Furthermore, this habit will also help them in becoming responsible teenagers. 

  • Play Dress-Up
  • Kids Fashion: Help Your Children Discover Their Own Style Statement

Another way to help your bundle of joy discovers fashion is by organizing dress-up dates. Invite their friends over to your house and let them select clothes and accessories for each other. But, before that, you might need to visit a children’s boutique to buy some new and trendy clothes. It’ll ensure your kids have enough clothes and accessories to play dress-up. 

You can also ask other kids’ friends to bring their best outfits. Arrange all the items properly in the living room and watch the kids work their magic. 

Tip: Whenever you go shopping, especially for your child, it is better to take them with you. The reason being is that options for styling and dressing up are limited in a house. However, if they visit a boutique, the possibilities will be endless. So, they’ll be able to explore their style statement better. 

  • Floordrobe Is A Big NO

Throwing all the clothes on the floor, i.e., Floordrobe is not only bad but also encourages bad behavior. Therefore, you need to teach them to organize all their clothes properly. But teaching your kids something that isn’t “fun” can be quite a challenging task. Although you need not worry as there are fun ways to teach. 

For instance, you can set a timer and challenge your kid to properly hang as many items as possible. Similarly, you can create two piles of clothes and set a target to fold as many clothes as possible in 5 minutes. All these little games will help build organizing habits, which will also help them in the future. 

  • Asking “Why?” Is Essential

You might agree with the fact that the way a person dresses tells a lot of things about it. For instance, people who tend to wear sweatshirts and hoodies love warmth and comfort. Likewise, girls who prefer jeans over dresses are kind of tomboys. Obviously, these preferences can change over time, but you still need to understand what your baby likes.

Therefore, once in a while, you should ask them “why” they prefer to dress up in a certain way. It could be random, but you might also learn something from it. Such as, if your kid likes to wear masks, it may be because they feel shy, and the mask gives them comfort. 

You can also do this activity with the help of cut-out pictures. Collect different pictures of different fashion styles and ask your child to select one. You can also ask them why they selected it. 

To sum it all up! 

Kids Fashion: Help Your Children Discover Their Own Style Statement

Teaching your little one how to wear clothes is one thing, but teaching them how to get dressed is a whole different concept. Nonetheless, it will help in understanding the importance of resources. Moreover, it will also help you know your child better. 

So, you must give this a try!