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Fun Activities to do With Your Fellow Sport Lover

There is the unshakable urge to engage in fun activities with friends who share similar interests with us. For friends with a mutual interest in sports, the craving is more. But there are little challenges friends who are sports enthusiasts face when engaging in fun activities that relate to what they love. And it often boils down to what to do.

As a sports fanatic, how do you spend the cool evening with a friend who shares a common interest? Or how do you spend the weekend together engaging in something that fuels your passion for sports and improves your bond?

Fortunately, we have saved you the time and stress of figuring that out. Here are some fun activities to do with your fellow sports lover, regardless of gender. 

  1. Go and Watch a Game

Whether you are a football, cricket, rugby, table tennis, or hockey fan, watching the sport you love in the flesh is a good way to enjoy a time together with your buddy. Things become more interesting if your friend supports the same team as you. You can both watch your team play while cheering them on and enjoying the action up close. 

To spice things up, you could make a vacation out of it. Perhaps, you could travel to Paris to watch the revered Champions League Final or Dubai to view the Cricket final. While on vacation, you could book a hotel, go shopping, and tour your new location a little. If you prefer watching something unique, especially during your travels, Freddie Vasquez Jr has plenty of suggestions for horse-riding events. 

  1. Hit The Couch

On days when you and your friend don’t feel like engaging in outdoor activities, you can decide to watch all your favorite games right on the couch while munching chips, nachos, cookies, popcorn chicken, and rooting for your team.

With many sports channels and streaming services available, the fun and excitement will only get better. In addition to watching TV, you can pull out your phones and read the latest sports news to stay abreast of your team news, next fixtures, potential signings, rumors, etc. 

  1. Sign Up for A Marathon

Not all of us are as quick as flash or enjoy sprinting like the fastest man, Usain Bolt. Regardless, running a marathon is something everyone should try out at least once. The feeling that comes with trying your legs on the race tracks, probably competing with your friend or other people, is something you should experience.

Also, the after-feel of accomplishing a 100m or 200m race as the winner or second runner-up can leave you pumped for a long time, moving you away from your comfort zone. 

  1. Visit A Sports Hall of Fame

Do you love sports history? What about your friend? If you both are sports history fanatics, you would love to visit a hall of fame!

In a sports hall of fame, you’ll encounter several captivating and thought-provoking exhibits that tell old stories about many celebrated sports legends. There, you can also read all the facts and, of course, take many photos as a reminder of your memorable outing.

While in a hall of fame, don’t rush. Ensure you give yourself enough time to view everything, down to the smallest detail. Some museums are so filled that you could spend a whole day walking around viewing all the magnificent memories.

Here are some common sports halls of fame that are worth visiting:

  • National soccer hall of fame, Frisco, Texas
  • National baseball hall of fame and museum, Cooperstown, New York
  • World golf hall of fame, St Augustine Florida
  • Hockey hall of fame, Toronto, Ontario


When searching for the ideal fun activity to do with your fellow sports lover, ensure you consider your friend’s interest. It’s important that you only consider activities that suit you and your friend to avoid being selfish and maximize the fun and excitement.

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