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6 Ways to Make College Softball More Exciting

If you’re in a college softball team, you’ll know all too well that it can be an extremely fun sport to play, but with the added pressure of competition and regular practice, you can soon find that your enthusiasm is dampened. It’s important to keep spirits high for the team, so here are some great ways to make your softball team come together as one again.

Create team traditions

Firstly, you can start by creating team traditions to help build up spirit. You should consider things like pre-game rituals and post-game celebrations to help keep everyone motivated for the win. For example, you might have a specific chant that you practice before each game. Doing this will help you and your team build fantastic memories and also give you all a sense of belonging.

Make training more fun

Training for games is important and should be taken seriously, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. Add things like games that help not only improve everyone’s skills but also makes people laugh. For example, you could host a friendly competition where team members can show off their skills in a more relaxed environment. While you’re at it, why not add music or introduce small tokens as rewards to help keep the team engaged and look forward to practice instead of dreading it.

Add a personal touch to things

Adding a personal touch to all things softball related is another way you can make softball more enjoyable. Things like personalizing your kit in some way or wearing a colored ribbon in your hair. Or you could personalize things by getting custom softball lineup cards featuring your team’s colors, logos and motivational quotes. Not only will they serve a function but they’ll be a great keepsake that you’ll look back on in years to come.

Do team bonding activities

Everyone is different, which means there may be some people who clash on your team. That’s why doing team bonding activities is a great way to get everyone on the same page. Try to organize activities outside of the game like a movie night or a bottomless brunch. This will enable everyone to connect on a personal level, which will show on the field at game time when it comes to playing as a team.

Celebrate individual achievements

It’s great to celebrate as a team when you’ve won, but it’s also important to celebrate individual achievements too. Whether it’s personal records, academic success, or even being a member of the team for a whole year. You can celebrate these wins either as a shout out during a team meeting or going out for a meal as a group after a big game. 

Do social media challenges

Finally, a great way to boost spirit is to have an active social media presence as a team. Do challenges like dance offs, behind the scenes action and also Q&As for your supporters. Not only does this provide entertainment for you and your viewers, but it also helps build team spirit and create more of a fanbase.

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