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Hacking into Online Games for Pro-Rewards | The Safety Guide

Gaming, gambling, and hacking seem to go hand in hand for as long as anyone can remember. From early games like Konami code where players gained extra lives to modern-day games like WatchDogs, where the whole point is hacking, the strings are weaved together.

Nevertheless, neither all hacks are the same nor are the hackers. But all hackers, aka gamers, use hacking tips to gain an edge in a game. Or in simple terms to win!

That being said, with the surge in game-hacking, the developers are coming up with more lethal penalties. And many of these penalties are irreversible.

So, how can you play online games the safe way, while also using in-game hacks?

This article is all about it.

Using VPN

One of the easiest ways to protect yourself against bans is by using a VPN. When you play games online, the gaming servers usually register your IP address. It helps the network track you for any message or information they need to communicate with you. But when you use hacks, the system immediately heats up and warns you. Primarily, the system would block your IP and shut you out of the game. Using a VPN would not let the server track your original IP and hence you can continue to play with a new IP address.

Spoofing HWID

Another common type of ban is the HWID ban. It is also one of the most fearsome bans of all time. The gaming servers now, use your hardware IDs to track you and ban you from playing games if found using hacks. So, unless you change your hardware completely you cannot enter the game. And it needs no mention of how expensive it can be to buy new hardware altogether. Nevertheless, there’s this easy option, https://www.iwantcheats.net/hwid-spoofer/, which you can use to virtually change your hardware ID. As a result, the system cannot register your original HWID and if banned, you can reenter with a new one.

Creating Multiple Login IDs

Simple online games such as Roblox games, usually do not take very serious actions against hackers. Instead what it does is ban a user ID. And it needs no saying that creating a new login ID is not as difficult. However, this safety trick can make you lose your progress in the game. So, you either need to take a backup manually or, would need to start from scratch.

Beware Of Information Breach

Most important of all the safety tips is protecting your identity from other potential breaches. As already mentioned, not all hacks are the same and neither are all hackers. There are some serious hackers out there who’d like to breach into your personal information to mint it in the black market. And when you’re using any of the above methods, you are actually subjected to vulnerability. So, it is always better to keep your personal identity as covered up as possible.

We all know Noobs and Pros, but there’s actually a middle class in gamers as well and they are called HACKERs. So, if you’re also one of them, make sure you use these hacks and rank up in your game.