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3 Smartphone Games That Anyone Can Enjoy

Image Credit: Pexels

If you own a smartphone, then there are plenty of excellent games that you can try. Some of these cost money, although the amount they cost is very small, and others a free. With that mind, here are three smartphone games that anyone can enjoy.


Reigns, and its sequel Reigns: Her Majesty, are both games where you take on the role of a monarch. You will be making simple choices that will determine the future of your realm, and that will determine how long your king or queen will survive. Each decision is given to you on a card, and you can choose between two options. You also have five different categories that you need to balance. If any of them get too high or too low, then your king or queen is going to end up dead. Reigns has some fantastic writing alongside some interesting and funny decision making. If you ultimately end up dying for one reason or another, then it is fine because you will simply embody another king or queen. Both of these games are paid, but they do not include any in-app purchases, and for the amount of enjoyment you will get out of them, they are well worth the investment.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

If you played the 2016 release of Final Fantasy XV, then you should definitely play A New Empire. It is set in the same world and allows you to build armies, conquer regions and play alongside the heroes from the console version of the game. You should get Final Fantasy 15 mobile game because while it is a strategy game, it isn’t as complicated or convoluted as you might think. It has been streamlined and simplified so that anyone can enjoy it. You are walked through a tutorial on how to play, and it tells you everything you need to know. If you enjoyed Final Fantasy XV, then you will love seeing your favorite characters again in a different game. The game is free to play but does include some in-app purchases.

Marvel Puzzle Quest

If you have any interest the Marvel comic books or films, then you will quickly fall in love with Marvel Puzzle Quest. It has all of your favorite heroes and villains, some with multiple forms. Marvel Puzzle Quest is a bit like Candy Crush, except it has more progression. Each hero and villain can be levelled up. This improves their skills and gives them new abilities. Each time you match gems in Marvel Puzzle Quest you gain a number of points in that color. These can then be used to activate powers and abilities that are specific to each hero. These powers reflect that hero or villain. Spiderman, for example, uses web-slinging. Whereas Wolverine can use his claws. The game has a lot of single-player and multiplayer content. You can easily play a match while commuting and steadily grow a team of powerful characters from your favourite Marvel heroes and villains. It is also free with in-game purchases.