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How Can Google Ads Help Estate and Will Planning Attorneys?

Google Ads is a series of pay-per-click advertising programs that enables advertisers to deliver their ads to specific groups of people when they search for certain keywords or phrases. 

Advertisers can quickly find new perspectives by looking at the performance data in Google Analytics, then increase their ad budget and scale up impressions using automated bidding strategies.

Google Ads is a powerful tool for any estate and will planning attorney marketing their practice or firm. The benefits of Google ads include:

High-Quality Traffic

Google search results boast a high-quality, targeted audience that makes an impression on those searching for a lawyer service. Verified users have information on what’s being presented to them, which means they are more likely to take action. 

Your ads will stick out among the other organic search results because of the ad label, making users stop and read what you have to offer before clicking on a different result.

High Click-Through Rate

The average click-through rate (CTR) for an ad is 0.91%, but attorneys should expect a significantly higher CTR that reflects their high relevance and increased ad budget. 

Since your ads include relevant keywords to the user’s search, there is a greater chance of users clicking through to learn more about your services. And since Google only charges advertisers when users click on their ads, you only pay for quality leads.

Reach Your Ideal Audience

With rich features that enable advertisers to target specific audiences, Google Ads can help you reach your ideal customers. For example, suppose you’re looking for attorneys interested in wills and estates. 

In that case, you can use keywords associated with estate planning services – standard terms like “estate planning,” “will,” or even more targeted phrases like “anaheim will lawyer” – to bring you the most relevant, engaged leads. 

If your goal is to find new prospects for your law firm, you can explore keyword categories and match new segments of potential customers with specific ads.

High-Quality Score

Marketers have complete control over their budgets and monitor performance and investment returns (ROI). Evaluating each ad’s performance with Google Analytics enables you to make changes or increase your budget to improve ROI. 

Google Ads provides multiple tools (including the Keyword Planner) that allow marketers to see what keywords are best suited for their business – if your ads aren’t generating enough impressions, try increasing your daily budget.

Additionally, it creates an interactive experience that creates opportunities for your business to succeed. For example, when users click on an ad and land on your website, you can capture their data in Google Analytics and remarket ads by setting up a campaign in AdWords (Google Ads). 

You can also optimize the user experience based on keywords they used – if someone searched for “Anaheim estate planning lawyer,” you can add more estate planning content to your website.

Google Ads also offers advertisers advanced features that allow marketers to expand their business globally. 

Wrapping Up

The service can help estate and will planning attorneys in marketing their brand effectively. Advertisers can create campaigns across different devices and platforms, promote their Google My Business listings through online advertising, and make use of dynamic display ads – all while still tracking conversions in Google Analytics. 

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