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Why Do Laundry Yourself? When There’s This Much Benefits in Outsourcing

There’s no gainsaying. The world is getting busier. So does everyone in it. Few people understand this better than working moms. From coping with work pressure to kids, partners, and life in general, putting everything in order can be overwhelming.

The wisest thing to do is to outsource the outsourceable. If you ask anyone what on their list they’d love to cross out forever? Laundry is one boring kind of chore that will skip no mind. The Journal of Consumer Research in 2016 found that 12% of tweets are either complaining about busy life or wishing for a vacation. It’s quite understandable. If life can get this tasking, why not outsource that boring, never-ending, and challenging chore, your laundry.

Most times, it’s easy to let your dirty clothes pile up for days until it becomes burdensome. Outsourcing their wash can ease your worries and give you more time to do the things that matter more to your life.

Don’t take just words for that. Below are some of the benefits of letting professionals take care of your scariest home chore..

You Are Saving Cost

There’s this misconception that laundry charges are high. But when you consider the cost associated with doing it yourself, you will discover that outsourcing helps you save cost.

At home, you will bear the cost of maintaining a washing machine, buying detergents, bleach, fabric softeners, etc. By hiring a professional with a pickup and delivery service, you can keep your clothes in great shape without having to buy or worry about any of those expenses.

The cost of outsourcing is very transparent. Most service providers charge per unit weight. So, you don’t have to worry about being overcharged. There are also benefits attached to being a regular customer. You get a discount that makes the service even more affordable.

Preserve the Quality of Your Expensive Fabrics

Your luxurious fabrics can be a course for your concern. At times, you may not know how to best care for them. With professional laundry service, you can rest assured that your expensive wears are in trusted hands. They understand the quality and needs of each fabric. And those stubborn stains that you often struggle with are a cakewalk for them.

From using the wrong detergent to overwashing, some clothes can be ruined if not handled properly. Faded, damaged, or shrunk clothes give a lot of people concerns. If you want your delicate and expensive garments to last longer, you should allow professionals to clean them for you.

Of course, your machines can do a good job of cleaning your clothes. But there’s a sea of difference between your home-done laundry and when professionals take care of it. No more hard-to-remove stains, no more over bleaching and color mishaps. The experience factor is always there.

Time Is Money. Save It.

Washing clothes yourself is never energy and time-efficient.

First, you have to sort, separate, and then wash. After washing, you have to spend time drying and folding them. The US Bureau of labor statistics concluded that the average American spends thirty minutes daily doing laundry. That’s about whooping 6.5 hours per week.

You don’t want to waste that amount of time week in week out. The disadvantages are there when your business is time-sensitive. Having a company that picks up and returns your dirty clothes neat and well folded frees up your time. You’ll have more breathing space and more time to complete more things on your to-do list.

Enjoy King-like Convenience

You don’t need to be a king before you experience living like one. Washing done-for-you is a king-like treat that you surely deserve. Let someone pick up your dirty garments from your home and deliver them neatly ironed at your desired time. You only have the calls to make.

Don’t use your weekend scrubbing off the dirt from your office jacket. You’ve spent the week doing office things. Let your family have a bit of you. You need a breather after a busy week. Weekend fun with your family can give just that. Professional washmen are lifesavers. You get custom fittings, alterations, pressing, and ironing services. Just name it.

There’s More to Laundry Than Washing

It’s not just washing and ironing, and all is done. You can only know this and be safe with the help of some experts. Insect damage is another garment war that using a laundry service can help you win.

Insects like moths are notorious for damaging clothes. A professional service will help you treat your garments and prevent them from destructive insects. When you attempt to do this at home, selecting the right chemical is one of the many puzzles you will have to solve. How sure are you that this chemical will not result in other adverse effects on your clothes.

Leave those puzzles for the expert to solve.

Save Natural Resources

The world is running out of natural resources. Human beings are consuming three times more than what nature can replenish. Thus, the sustainability alarm has been ever loud. How do you play your part in the conservation of the world’s scarce resources?

Going green can be a buzzword. Allowing experts to wash your dirty apparel is close to home. You can save water and energy when you outsource your cloth washing chores. An average load of washing consumes around 15 gallons of water and electricity.

If every household does wash the same way, the negative effect can become astronomical. You can contribute your quota by outsourcing. Service providers can fit many clothes in a cycle saving precious water and energy. Also, they use eco-friendly detergents and biodegradable solvents that are harmless to the environment. 

Customer Support is Bae

Most companies now have a website or a mobile application. In the past, the high cost and delivery time flaunting was somewhat associated with the unavailability of a customer support channel.

Today, every company has customer service representatives to attend to inquiries via call, email, or live chat. This makes it easier for you to send additional instructions or adjust the information provided during the pickup.


Let’s face it. No one enjoys doing laundry. The concept of laundry outsourcing isn’t new. It has been a practice from the day men started outsourcing jobs.

You can’t afford to leave your daily chores, like laundry unaddressed. You can’t afford to have it affect your family and professional life, but you can afford to outsource it. Just do it.

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