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How To Create Your First Grow Room

Creating a grow room is the perfect way to convert a space that wasn’t ideally meant for growing into a garden ecosystem with controlled conditions. You might want to create a grow room because you don’t have the luxury of an outdoor garden. If you are unsure about how to create your first grow room, we are here to help! We have compiled a guide to help you create a nice grow room with limited space.

Select an appropriate indoor space

You could convert a whole room or a small wardrobe into a grow room. You could also use a grow tent to nurture your plants. When setting up your grow room, you should consider factors such as the availability of a power supply, noise levels around the area, and proximity to a source of water. You must always use filtered water in your grow room and never grow straight onto carpeted floors, retaining moisture and providing a breeding ground for bugs.

Block out the natural light

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to a brightly illuminated room. In the same way, plants also get stressed when you expose them to sunlight on an inconsistent basis. Use reflective sheeting to block off any natural light that makes its way into your grow room. This material keeps light from escaping and keeps unwanted light away from your setup that will disrupt the lighting cycle of your grow room.

Draw a model of your grow room beforehand

There are three ways you can configure the setup of your grow room. You could decide to use the whole room, use a grow tent to create a grow room within a room, or use a small section of a spare room such as a wardrobe. It would be best to decide whether you will use soil to plant your crops or try hydroponics. Hydroponics is an innovative way to grow without using soil. It will certainly save you in space given you can grow vertically. Ensure the method you choose will accommodate the intensity of your grow lights.

Invest in a grow light

A grow light is an electric device that attempts to provide a light spectrum similar to the sun to help your plants grow. This device has a reflector, ballast, and a lamp. Ensure you get a main grow light and use supplement lighting to improve the quality of your lighting and broaden your spectrum. Your choice of a grow light will depend on the size of your setup, your budget, and your power consumption.

Install a good air exchange system

Plants consume carbon IV oxide and give off oxygen. Over time, the CO₂ in the grow rooms becomes stale, moist, and hot. A sound exchange system will help you replace the carbon (IV) oxide-depleted air with fresh, CO₂-rich air. A rule of thumb when setting up a grow room is that the more lights you have, the better your exchange system needs to be.

Wrapping up

Grow rooms can enable you to garden all year round regardless of the weather or seasons. They also help you maximize your space, especially if you live in an urban area with limited garden space. It is time to start your indoor grow room and nurture your hobby.

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