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How to Surprise & Wow Your Loved One

We all love to make our friends and family feel loved and appreciated. The smiles and excitement our loved ones radiate when we surprise them are priceless. You always want to go the extra mile and put effort into giving your loved one that thrill. Here is how to do it:

Cook them their favourite meal

Prepare your loved ones their favourite meal and surprise them. Find exciting ways to serve the dish. If your talents do not skew towards the kitchen department, find some recipes online, and you will be good to go. Alternatively, a meal from their favourite restaurant should suffice.

Post a beautiful picture of them on social media

We live in the age of the internet. In this century, nothing shouts “I appreciate you” more than a post on social media. It is the new metaphorical shouting from the rooftops. Find a photo of a beautiful moment you have shared in the past. Put it up on either Facebook or Instagram. Follow with a personal caption that expresses your feelings and gratitude for them. It will be an exciting surprise for them to log on to social media to find that beautiful post. They will no doubt feel special.

Pay mind to their preferences

Remember the things your loved ones talk about when you are together. It could be music, art, sports etc. Think about their talents, hobbies or special skills. Look back on the things they love or things they have mentioned- even in passing. Visit a reputable themed gift shop and get them things that match their personality. The surprise and awe they will have will be worth all the hassle.

Book them on a surprise trip

Travelling is a beautiful way to experience the world around us. Surprise your loved ones with a trip to their favourite place. Find out when they will have some time to spare and organize a trip. Buy tickets and plan exciting activities.

Consider what they like to do and book a trip surrounding those things. For example, if they are a foodie, you could visit the Emilia Delizia website and book a food tour for the two of you to enjoy! The spectacular memories they will gather from the trip will be something to cherish for the rest of their lives.

Offer to pay a bill

The responsibilities of adult life are endless. Most of which involve bills. Surprise your loved ones by paying their bills. It will mean the world, especially if they are down in the pits financially. You will ease their burden, making their life easier.

Help with chores

Chores can be a bore, but someone has to do them. Surprise your loved ones by offering to help with their chores. Offer a hand with their home projects and other chores like cleaning the house, taking out the trash, or walking the dogs. You will not only lessen their load but also allow them some much-needed relaxation time.

Gift them your time

The hassle of day-to-day life may sometimes leave no room to hang out with our loved ones. One way to show appreciation to our loved ones is by giving them your time. Plan some quality time with your loved one. It could be over a nice dinner or visiting them if they live in a different city. You may also organize to have a day to hang out without gadgets. That will ensure that you give them undivided attention.

Wrapping up

With the ideas above, you will put a smile on your loved ones’ faces. The fact that they will not see it coming adds to the spice.

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