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How to throw an amazing housewarming party

Moving into a new home is a huge step in anyone’s life and one of the greatest feelings one can experience. Once you have all the work done and your home looking exactly as you planned, it is time to celebrate. You want to gather your family, friends, as well as your new neighbors, and enjoy a splendid evening. Housewarming parties are lovely because they are not just any house party; they are special and memorable for the new homeowners, but also for their guests. We bring you a few useful tips on how to throw you an exquisite housewarming party that everyone is going to enjoy.

How to throw an amazing housewarming party

Send out invitations

Your housewarming party should consist of guests who you truly love and want to be there to celebrate with you. This includes your family and close friends, and you can invite them via a phone call, text, or the next time when you see them in person. Moreover, a great idea is to invite some of your new neighbors.  This way, you will get a chance to get to know them better and vice versa. You will also let them know that you are a friendly person who is there to help them when they need it, but you will also be sure that you can count on them when you need help. The best way to invite your new neighbors is to hand them out written invitations. Invitations are a cute, old-fashioned way that shows that you have invested a bit of effort to personally invite them to this event.

Get various drinks and snacks

How to throw an amazing housewarming party

Better than serving a whole dinner is to organize a table or counter where your guest can get drinks and finger foods. Opt for a great, wide selection, so besides regular sparkling water, sodas, beer, and wine, add an unexpected choice. For example, a few bottles of the delicious Soave classico are guaranteed to be a big hit among your wine-loving friends. The combined fruity and earthy tones will go beautifully with almost any meat, and when it comes to non-alcoholic options, you can surprise your friends with kombucha drinks of different flavors. As for the foods, snacks such as chips and popcorn are great, but you should also include a variety of finger foods. A cheese platter, pigs in a blanket, vegetable wraps, and a tasty charcuterie board with quality smoked and cured meats are a must. You can also include a couple of mini desserts, for your guests with a sweet tooth. Brownies, cookies, ice cream desserts, and mini cheesecakes, with some fruits on the side, are a great and safe selection for any party.

Prepare your home

As you have recently moved in, your home is still very clean and organized. Still, you can polish up a bit and be extra sure that there is no dust and that your kitchen and bathroom are spotless. Moreover, as this is a housewarming party, you should make the whole space available to your guests, as this is truly a unique event. You should certainly be proud and happy about your new apartment/house and share these feelings with your friends, family, and neighbors. Furthermore, be certain that every guest feels comfortable and has enough space to sit, move, and get drinks and food. So, throw in a few cozy cushions and add a few chairs. You can even get some fresh flowers which will make the atmosphere and your home even more gorgeous.

Make sure that there is music

How to throw an amazing housewarming party

No party should go without some music, so make sure that your speakers and Spotify playlists are ready. You can start with relaxing jazz or soft-rock genres, set in the background, so that everyone is comfortable enough to talk to each other and yet enjoy the atmosphere this kind of music creates. This also helps avoid the awkward silence that may be in the beginning, before everyone feels free to chat with others and move around. Later on, you can play the music you and your friends love, such as house, dance, or pop music. If there is enough space and people are up for it, you can even organize a karaoke, with your guests choosing the song they are going to perform.

Finally, we can say that a housewarming party requires some time and effort to organize but is definitely worth the work. The important thing you shouldn’t forget is that you also should enjoy this moment, so be relaxed and start preparing on time, so that there is absolutely no stress once the party starts.

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