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Interstate Removals: Tips for Moving to a New State

Moving home is not something that any homeowner looks forward to, yet we all have to deal with relocating at some point in our life. When you are moving to another state, that raises the bar quite substantially. A relocation thousands of kilometres away demands a high level of planning. 

Interstate Removals: Tips for Moving to a New State

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Here are a few tips to help you plan a smooth interstate relocation:

Look for a Specialist Removalist

There are specialist interstate removal companies, such as the Vic Palmer Removals and Storage removalists Logan QLD residents rely on, who have many years of experience in relocating people all over the country. The specialist would deliver containers to your home and you can pack at your own pace, and once the unit is secure, it can easily be lifted onto the truck, ready for the long journey. One 40-ft container might be all you need, but there are also 20-ft units if you needed more, and the removalist would coordinate with you regarding delivery of empty containers.

Make Good Use of Technology

Of course, you will need to actually visit your new home once or twice prior to the move. If that is not convenient for you, you also have the option to use video calls to talk to agents, rather than travelling to the new address. There is also an informative article online with tips on interstate removals, which is a must-read for anyone thinking about moving to another state.

Container Removals

All interstate removalists would use containers when relocating interstate, which is the most convenient way to go about the move. Whether you are packing or would like the contractor to handle the packing, once an empty container has been delivered, the packing and loading can begin. Containers can very easily be moved and if you prefer your things to travel by rail rather than road, this can easily be arranged, as the containers are designed for easy transfer.

Fully Insured

It is essential that the removal company is fully insured, which would cover damage caused by the move, or if there was an accident along the journey. All established removal contractors would have millions of dollars of cover for their customers. Despite being very careful accidents can and do happen so it is not worth taking any chances.

Project Manager

The interstate removal company would assign you a project manager, who is responsible for coordinating the move, and you would talk to him or her regarding any aspect of the move.

Interstate Removals: Tips for Moving to a New State

Image Source: Freepik

You will need to go around your home and decide what items are to be shipped and what will not accompany you to your new dwelling. This inventory list will enable the interstate removalist to quote correctly for the project, plus you will have the option to self-pack or have the experts handle every aspect of the move, and with so much to arrange, most people prefer to removalist to pack. 

With all of your possessions carefully loaded in containers, the relocation will be a smooth experience, and you are in the experienced hands of an expert.

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