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Looking For Car Insurance to Protect Your Family

No wonder it’s fun to enjoy car rides with your family, especially to overcome a hectic work week. Comfortable cars let you enjoy some of the best moments with your family without compromising on your convenience. Maybe that’s the reason why people buy cars the most. But when driving a car in your city, you need to be ultra-concerned with the number of car laws in your region. This is essential to ensure your family’s and your well being. 

When talking about car laws, it’s hard not to discuss a well-planned city like Dubai. This city has some strict driving protocols helping people enjoy their driving experiences. Maybe that’s the reason we see Dubai facing less car accident cases. Coming back to car insurance, it is one of the mandatory documents you should carry to protect your vehicle, family, and yourself from any mishap. 

Car Insurance – Discussed in detail 

In most regions of the world, like in the UAE, having car insurance is mandatory under RTA law. Such regions treat car insurance as necessary as a health insurance plan. Therefore, no matter if you live in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, always consider carrying car insurance until you don’t wish to get into legal trouble. This may make you subject to hefty penalization if found driving without car insurance. 

Talking about its importance, a car insurance plan provides you enough protection so your family won’t ruin you even after an unfortunate car crash. The goal is to ensure complete financial security at all costs. Choosing a car insurance plan gets complicated when you are not aware of full-fledged insurance requirements. Thus, it’s wise to know all about car insurance in advance, so you make it a reliable decision based on your family’s safety. 

Let’s begin with understanding the different types of car insurance – 

#1 – Third-party liability insurance is one of the most basic and mandatory car insurances to purchase. It offers you protection against all kinds of claims, including – physical damage, vehicle damage, loss of life, and much more. Since it ensures all essential covers, most people consider it a comprehensive cover meeting all needs. 

#2 – Comprehensive insurance policy – This cover type offers a wide range of protection. It works in many aspects, from covering replacing your vehicle to assisting with third-party liability. Such car insurance types cover damages caused due to external explosions, including – accidental collisions, fire, self-ignition, theft, and much more. It ensures car repairs for one or two years (based on the car insurance agency or company protocol). 

Additional add ons available – 

Agency repair is an ideal choice for all four-wheeler owners. This add-on assures you that the authorized personnel will fix your vehicle under supervision, especially when it’s an accidental case. 

Roadside help – This proves helpful when your vehicle breaks down right in the middle of the road or probably when you run out of fuel on your way. This add-on offers towing to mechanical assistance as soon as possible. 

Medical expenses – It includes medical expenses done due to accidents or any other sort of mishap. For this, the passengers should be carrying enough evidence and submit them within twenty-four hours of an accident. 

Some additional add-ons readily available include – windscreen cover, off-road coverage, personal belongings cover, fire & theft coverage, GCC coverage, and much more. However, these are common ones to avail, yet ensure to consult your car insurance provider company or agency in advance before choosing a suitable plan. 

How does it prove helpful for your family?

The primary goal or concern behind investing in a reliable car insurance plan is to safeguard the family behind. If you are still figuring out some reasons if you should be investing in car insurance or not, here is your question answered – 

What does car insurance cover?

#1 – Premium agency repair facility – Car is counted as one of the most significant investments in anyone’s life. And why not when it demands a hefty amount for maintenance and other concerns. That’s why comprehensive car insurance covers are designed to cover your vehicle repair cost for at least five years. This makes more sense when you know you will get the repair services from a quality panel garage. 

#2 – Everyone is covered under it – This is one of the biggest reasons why many people go for car insurance in Dubai. Most car insurances come with policies covering the entire family. This makes more sense to buy Dubai car insurance safeguarding all family members under one plan. Additionally, it offers the liberty of choosing a cover further with a Personal Accident Benefit. So, why not buy it?

#3 – Always there for you – An unfortunate accident should not stop you from moving further. And that’s when you get the liberty of renting a car for 15 days throughout the policy tenure. 

#4 – You get more power – When you choose to settle with a reliable insurance service provider, you are likely to get flexible assistance options. This way, you get the liberty of selecting a garage of your preference to proceed with repair work. This is done using the pre-approved self-authorization limit. 

#4 – Everything is covered under one plan – Just like your four-wheeler vehicle, the other belongings are essential too. And that’s why you should consider protecting them. Here, the protection is focused on the belongings stored in the glove compartment or boot area. 

Some other perks of pitching for reliable car insurance include – no excess on windshield/sunroof damage, natural perils coverage, unauthorized driver & intrusions cover, oman coverage (own damage), legal liability cover (free of charge), third party liability to non owned private vehicles, and much more.  

The final line – 

Car insurance is a must if you wish to drive carefreely while keeping your family’s financial security in mind. It’s a primary responsibility towards your family to buy meaningful car insurance that proves wise for you and your family’s safety. In this regard, surfing through all available options in the market and making up your mind is essential.