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Once known as “Little Paris”, Today known as “The Big Hope Of EU” – Meet Bucharest the Capital City of Romania

Those Balkans! They must be the most dysfunctional family of Europe with the most controversy regarding every county but at the end of the day everyone is gathered around the table and spending quality time with a good laugh. That is exactly the wide feeling spectrum that you experience once you step foot in the Romanian capital city of Bucharest. Its turbulent past is filled with differences, but these days, the new attractions and unique displays of culture are magnetizing millions of tourists annually. Keep reading to see what you can experience once you start your adventure to one of the most thriving capitals of present-day EU.

Unprecedented Architecture and Beautiful Residents

Thousands of demanding partygoers arrive at the present-day EU every month for bachelor parties in Bucharest and many of them unsuspectingly are left stunned with an unprecedented display of architecture.

The charm of Bucharest is revealed by exploring its extensive urban parks, admiring the works of its excellent museums and “getting lost” in the sandy but charming alleys that run through the Old City. A walk down Calea Victoriei, possibly the most beautiful street in the city, is an encounter with the most impressive buildings in the country and significant monuments, a testament to the past.

Exploring Bucharest is about understanding its complex past that is giving way to its modern sensibility as a booming European capital.

An ideal route for exploring this city and making this event of your life the beautiful and surprising adventure can consist of the visit to (you guessed it) the Parliament Palace. It is the main tourist attractions of Bucharest that adorned postcards sent from this city for decades. It is the second largest administrative building in the world (after the Pentagon), an architectural colossus that also claims the title as the heaviest building in the world. With more than 3,000 rooms in 330,000 square meters just as you take a small peak at it would leave you stunned with its unbelievable size!

The Unexpected Amazement That You Will Never Forget

The next ideal stop would be the Romanian Athenaeum. It’s the Home of the Romanian Philharmonic of George Enescu. The majestic Romanian Athenaeum is the most prestigious concert hall in the city. The 19th-century building is designed by famous French architect Albert Galleron.

For all the history and art enthusiastic the next perfect stop would certainly be National Art’s Museum and The National Museum of History. In the former Royal Palace, the National Museum of Art is the main art museum in Romania that houses the most complete collection of Romanian art, including medieval and modern art. Established in 1948, the museum is also a place where Royal Collection, including Romanian and European art dating from the 15th century, can be admired.

As for The National Museum of History. It is housed in a neoclassical building originally built for the Romanian postal service. Since 1970, the 60 rooms of the museum exhibit the most fascinating historical exhibitions of the country from prehistory to modern times. The largest permanent exhibition is a large replica of the 2nd century Trajan’s Column, built in honor of the conqueror Roman Emperor Trajan, who defeated the ancient Dacian tribes of Romania.

From there on it should probably be a great time to find a peaceful stop and relax for the rest of the day. And what better way to do so than in some of the lush paradises that are scattered all around this beautiful city.

Bucharest is surrounded by beautiful parks that are frequented by locals throughout the year. The oldest city park, designed in the mid-nineteenth century, is Cismigiu Garden. Rowboat rentals are one of the most popular activities that take place here in the summer, and the ice rink is popular in the winter. The German landscape architect Carl Meyer designed the park, which opened in 1860, bringing 30,000 trees and plants from the Romanian mountains and green areas of the botanical gardens of Vienna.

Sitting in some of the open cafes nearby and overlooking this beautiful sight can be just the perfect end of exploring this EU capital at the end of the day. Still, let me amaze you with one exciting fact at the end. You probably didn’t know this but Bucharest is home to the largest urban beach complex in Europe. You heard me right!

The Sands of Therme beach, which comes with 720 square meters of tropical pool and 1,500 sunbeds, is located only 15 minutes away from the capital and is the largest urban one in Europe! Needless to say, this can be an amazing addition to your Romanian experience if you are paying a visit to this city in somewhat warmer days… Whatever your intentions might be, be sure of one fact. Bucharest left no one indifferent! And that is exactly what a major capital city need to do to someone coming from far away in hope of adding new pages to his travel novel.