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Summer Bible Study for Women

Summer Bible Study for Women

The bond between women is a sacred and beautiful thing. Celebrate this bond with your sisters in Christ this summer by hosting a Bible study group for women only. Strengthen your faith and rekindle your friendships while hearing the word of the Lord.

Prayer and Wisdom

If you’re unsure how to even get this going, start by asking the One above. Ask for His words and His steps to guide you in the right direction. Inspiration is always helpful if you’re in a rut. Check out The Way International to give you a boost.

  • Who are you trying to reach? What kinds of women do you feel need to hear the Word this summer and could use a helping hand?
  • Why do you feel these women in particular? Is there a common bond among all of you that you could link to your studies?
  • Will it be a moms-only group, or are all women welcome?

Commit to a Schedule and a Study

Life is busy, especially as a parent, so it can be difficult to nail down a date and time that works for a large group. Work together to find a day that accommodates everyone. Be flexible and consider rotating the day every week. Similarly, agree upon what you would like to study.

  • There are many, many choices for women’s Bible study, so before you assemble your group for the first time, pick out three study options. This limits the group becoming overwhelmed by too many choices.
  • If you aren’t sure where to begin, visit a local Christian bookstore and ask a clerk for help. They will be happy to help you and offer assistance, and will probably have suggestions you had never considered before.
  • For a different twist, participate in spiritual 30-day challenges alongside your area of study. During your group time, discuss the outcomes of your efforts and pray for your endeavors.

Stay on Topic

Conversations about feelings and emotions help women bond, and your Bible study sessions will sometimes get emotional. That’s okay! In fact, it’s beautiful. Women need one another in this tough world. Allow conversations to move to personal anecdotes, but remember the reason why you gathered together: To discuss the Bible. If you are worried that the message might stray too far off-topic, try some methods to keep everyone focused.

  • It might be helpful to make an agenda. For example, Welcome prayer, two minutes; greeting and hellos, five minutes, and so on.
  • As you work through a chapter, use a Bible study sheet to take notes and keep track of key points and ask your guests to do the same. Ask attendees why they chose certain Scriptures and what spoke to them.
  • Don’t forget to have fun! Bible study is a time for busy women to come together as sisters, so don’t make it feel like school. Be positive and remember the reason you are gathered.

Summer Bible Study for Women

If the Lord is moving you to bring others into your home to study His word, listen to that calling. Before diving in blindly, educate yourself on what you are taking on and know that leadership will be required. Ask for God’s strength as you bring this group together.