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Easy Tips on How to Take Awesome Family Photos

Our family is our most cherished life treasure. While we might never forget certain moments with our loved ones, memories fade from our brains and become blurry. That’s why we invented photography—to capture all the most precious moments and keep them fresh and colorful forever. However, snapping amazing photos of your family is not easy, especially if you’re not a professional. Here’s how anyone can take a great photo of their family or offer their services to friends and relatives:

Always have your camera at hand

Easy Tips on How to Take Awesome Family Photos

If you’re a family member trying to get some cute shots of the family, it’s natural that you might not have the habit of carrying your photo equipment wherever you go. However, the more you have your camera at hand, the better your shots will look. Phones today can take amazing photos, but your camera gives you a whole new perspective and much more control over the shots. Plus, with your phone, you might get distracted by notifications and calls, and you can easily miss a great shot. If you want to edit or print out your photos, cameras also offer better quality. Therefore, always keep your camera around, in your bag or on the kitchen counter.

Have some shot ideas up your sleeve

Easy Tips on How to Take Awesome Family Photos


Oftentimes, you can’t get the naturally spontaneous shots you might have been hoping for and that’s okay. As long as you have some fun ideas up your sleeve, you’ll still get to take super interesting photos of the family. Try to get ideas that play with the composition and depth of the photo, like having kids at the front and parents in the back. You can also go tall by putting kids on your shoulders or doing safe stunts on tree branches. Nature shots are always interesting for everyone, giving you plenty of nearby props to play with.

Pay special attention to lighting

Easy Tips on How to Take Awesome Family Photos

Lighting can make or break your photo, and it’s very hard to completely fix in editing. If you can, try to use natural light, and you might not need flash at all. However, even on a bright day, flash photography can help you get a more uniform look, especially if your subjects are facing away from the sun. The same applies if your kids or spouse are in the shade with the background being pretty sunny—flash can help. Lighting is a complicated issue, so if you want your family photography to be absolutely stunning, it’s best to invite specialists to take photos for you. These are memories you’ll cherish forever and you definitely don’t want the sun to block all the best details. Pros not only use the best equipment but also offer studio time with the best lighting that will make your family positively glow.

Pay attention to shutter speed

Easy Tips on How to Take Awesome Family Photos

A well-adjusted shutter speed can freeze the action and catch some of the most memorable moments in your life. When you slow your shutter a bit, any movement will appear blurred in the photo and give the viewer that effect of action. This is best used when your kids are playing or if you’re watching something interesting happen in the background. A good point to start your shutter experimentation is to go with the 1/125 or 1/500s speed.

Time your shoots

Easy Tips on How to Take Awesome Family Photos

It’s best to start your photoshoot in the morning. If you and your family are having an adventure or just doing things around the house that look cute, grab your camera from the early hours of the morning. This is the time when kids are well rested, full of energy from their breakfast and still clean in their fresh clothing. Later in the day, everyone will be tired and cranky, so the photos might suffer a bit. However, if your goal is to capture true family life, warts and all, then late afternoon sessions with the camera might be a great idea.

Keep it fun

Easy Tips on How to Take Awesome Family Photos

If you insist on taking the same photo dozens of times, there’s a great possibility that the kids will get bored. Taking photos is a fun process for everyone, so make sure the kids are having fun and the parents are relaxed and smiling. When the vibes are chill, the photos will resonate with that positive energy and brighten up every room and every feed.

No matter if you’re trying to snap good photos of your loved ones or trying to break it into the business of family photography, use these tips to improve your products and create memories that will be cherished forever.

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