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The Best Places to Eat in Texas When You’ve Got the Munchies

The Best Places to Eat in Texas When You've Got the Munchies

Texas is booming!

Think of all the great reasons that you can for why a city would take off and grow and you will find that in Texas. Two of the nation’s fastest-growing metros in the U.S. are Austin and Fort Worth.

If you’re going to live there, or even just to visit with the family, you need to know the best places to eat in Texas.

Throw out the stereotype of belt buckles and a big hat, though you might find a few, Texas is vibrant in many unexpected ways.

Get ready to dive in. Here are a few you need to consider.

In Dallas-Fort Worth

This city is one half of the growing megalopolis that is the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It is also a hub for northern Texas foodstuffs and visitors.

Savor Gastropub

This is a fusion restaurant that throws the best of two major segments of the Texas food scene: barbeque and Mexican food. On the whole, the best descriptor of the menu is modern Americana. There are roasted chicken dishes, pasta dishes, fish dishes, even diner-style sandwiches.

Corrientes 348 Argentinian Steakhouse

To get a few things out of the way, this restaurant is an Argentine steakhouse, meaning that it cooks a lot of meat on a parrilla grill. A parrilla grill is a Latin barbeque that is fired with charcoal on a brick surface. Corrientes 348 is a family-style restaurant. The large food portions are meant to be shared among the table.

Del Frisco’s Grille

A bar and grill that embraces modernity, this Americana classic restaurant mixes in some of the best twists of today into classic dishes. To give you a flavor of the place, the dinner menu includes Baby Back Ribs, Cauliflower Steak, and Cheesesteak Eggrolls.

Garland Bazaar

The best flavors come out when different parts of the food journey collide. The Garland Bazaar features an authentic marketplace feel features several super-local eateries. The food court unites over 100 retail spaces where you can peruse all kinds of wares.

In Austin

A little further inland than Houston, Austin features great food and an amazing music scene. Check these out after a show.

The Salt Lick BBQ

True blue, 100% Texas barbeque with this one. Think of all the savory comfort foods you can think of and now think of them beans, potato salad, and coleslaw. They don’t do anything small here. Come hungry.

Bird Bird Biscuit

This is a breakfast and brunch spot that closes in the early afternoon: about 2 or 3 p.m.

Most of the dishes incorporate biscuits, the southern mother of all comfort food, or sandwich. The menu is light if not somewhat austere. But you won’t find a better way to simplify the dining experience and have a restaurant drill down on what it’s really good at than with a lite menu.

These Are Just Some of Best Places to Eat in Texas

To be honest, this isn’t a comprehensive list. There are many, many other wonderful eateries out in the Lonestar State that deserve so much love and recognition.

What do you think are the best places to eat in Texas? Be sure to share on your social media to watch your friends, followers, and connections go at it hammer and tongs over which barbeque hole-in-the-wall is the best.

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