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The Most Common Relationship Problems and Tips to Solve Them

The Most Common Relationship Problems and Tips to Solve Them

Relationships, especially romantic ones, are not always smooth, but instead have their highs and lows. Despite each partner being caring and sensitive to the needs of the other, some issues seem unavoidable. Nevertheless, having various relationship problems does not mean that you are unfit for each other, but could indicate that you have not yet learned about or discovered each other. Sorting out these issues properly could strengthen your relationship.

Below are some of the common relationship problems and how to deal with them:

Financial issues

One of the most dominant problems among couples is financial matters. Partners may disagree on how to spend their earnings, how to save or invest for the future, how to share the expenses, and other things. One partner may also feel sidelined in the event that they are not gainfully employed, but instead take part in building homes or running a family business, like farming. The best way to sort out money issues is to talk and understand what the underlying problem is; the couple can even write down the issues. After identifying the problem areas, both of you can look for a common solution, or seek the help of a financial expert or another experienced person whom you can both trust.


Due to tight work schedules, studies, and other engagements, one partner may fail to spend time with the other. Spending time with your significant other is an expression of how much you value them. Time is actually one of the love languages. As the ever busy partner, you may be thinking that you are working toward a better future for the relationship or to have a comfortable lifestyle, but it may be hurting your relationship in the present, and at worst, may kill it. Also, with the possibility of finding love online through dating sites like happy matches, which even connect sugar babies with sugar mommies/sugar daddies, making time for each other is important. If you and your partner are far apart, set aside time to catch up through your preferred means—phone, Skype, or even arrange to meet and spend time together, as it is very crucial. Also, plan to go on trips for holidays or getaways to bond and have each other’s full attention. You have to make time for your partner, even on crazy days, as they deserve it and it is your obligation to do so.


Infidelity can destroy your relationship by losing your spouse or partner’s trust. The relationship will take a nosedive, and it may be hard to get it back to a normal and fulfilling relationship. The first way to deal with this issue is to avoid at all costs being unfaithful to your partner. However, if you have already been unfaithful, accept the repercussions. You have to be extremely patient and try to win back your partner by pursuing them consistently but gently. You may need to show your partner why they should give you their love and trust. Get a counselor, religious leader, or mutual friend to mediate between both of you, if need be.


Do you feel neglected of unappreciated? Are your partner’s ideas about sex very different from yours? Are you deprived of sex, attention, and affection because your partner is always busy? These and other things related to intimacy cause problems between partners. The most crucial way to handle these matters is to have open lines of communication. Both of you should speak out about how you feel, and about anything you are not comfortable with. For example, you can let your partner know that they make you feel unattractive by the way they treat you. It is after bringing out any underlying issues that middle grounds or compromises can be sought.


Relationships take effort and willpower to build and successfully maintain, so believe in yourself and your partner, and have in mind that you can sort out your problems for a healthy and happy relationship.