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The Qualities That Will Make You A Wonderful Doggy Parent 100%

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Your dog has qualities that you can benefit from. They can be…

  • Playful. Your dog will love to spend time in play with you, whether that’s at home or in the local park.
  • Loyal. Provided you take care of your dog, he will stick with you through thick and thin, even on your bad days.
  • Friendly. Always happy to see you, your dog will make your day with a sloppy kiss and outstretched paw.
  • Protective. Mailman and neighbourhood cats beware; your dog is alert and ready to guard your home from these everyday menaces. *

*  On those days the mailman is carrying nothing but bills. Every other day he is probably a delight to have at your door.

But what about you? What qualities should you possess that will benefit your faithful companion? We think these are just a few of them.

  • Patient. While you love your dog dearly, there are days when your patience will be sorely tested. You will need patience in the morning when you realise they have slept on your sofa again. You will need patience when they misbehave on your daily walks. You will need patience when you are training your dog not to show such behaviour. You will need patience in all manner of situations; it’s all part and parcel of being a dog owner.
  • Protective. We have already mentioned that this is one of the qualities your dog will possess, and it’s in his best interests for you to share this important quality. Dogs are wonderful animals, but they don’t always have common sense. You need to take steps to follow these recommended pet safety tips, as your dog will plunge headlong into danger otherwise. From installing safety gates to keeping dangerous foods away from pooch, there is much you need to implement at home (and outdoors) to keep your dog safe.
  • Well-organized. To better care for your dog, you need to be up to speed with your scheduling. This includes vet visits, flea and tick prevention, worming, feeding plans, and training routines. Mark important dates on your calendar. Check your dog’s progress, such as weighing him regularly when working on his diet and weight loss (or gain) plan. Have paperwork in order for when you need to visit the vet, and have important numbers to hand, be that the vet or any other form of emergency care. Your dog isn’t going to organize their life beyond filing their bones in the garden, so you need to be on top of everything that matters in the care of your beloved pet.
  • Committed. You should never buy a dog on a whim, no matter how cute they look in the classifieds or at the shelter. if you’re going to have a dog, you need to have the time and diligence to care for every aspect of their lives. You need to make time to give your dog plenty of exercise. You need to make time to play with your dog. You need to give your dog what he needs through all of his life stages. You need to be as committed to your dog as he is to you. If you don’t have time to care for him properly, then you should probably reconsider owning a dog in the first place if you don’t already.
  • Affectionate. We all need a little bit of love in our lives, and your dog is no different. There are all kinds of ways to show your dog affection, from massaging his belly to giving him a tickle behind the ear. By doing so, you will show your dog how much you love him, and this will strengthen the bond between you. Your dog offers you unconditional love, so even during those times when you have lost patience with him, never bear a grudge for too long, and remember to show him that you still care with a little more love and affection.

The Qualities That Will Make You A Wonderful Doggy Parent 100%

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  • Playful. Another quality your dog possesses, and one that you should too! Most dogs love to play, so to alleviate the chances of your dog getting bored (and playing with your prized possessions), you should learn to develop this quality if it isn’t innately within you. But here’s the thing. You can add some fun into your life too if you do become more playful, whether that’s in the park or in your living room. Check out these fun games you can play together; surefire ways to keep you both entertained.

These are just some of the qualities that will make you a wonderful doggy parent, and there are probably more. How many of them can you identify with?