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Three Tips to Make Your Travel Plans More Organized

Growing up was a fun adventure for my siblings and I.  We traveled a lot.  A lot.  We went on week-long houseboat trips, headed to the mountains for the weekend, we soaked in the sun on the beach for weeks on end and we enjoyed every single second of our happy childhood.  I can’t remember a time when we stayed home for any holiday or any vacation my dad was able to take.  Because of all of the happy moments I had as a child, I vowed to make my own children’s childhood just as memorable.  As soon as they were born, I started taking them everywhere I went.  Unlike my parents though I like to be an organized traveler. Being organized when I travel helps me to make the most of my time.

Three Tips to Make Your Travel Plans More Organized

1.  Decide Where You Want To Go

  • Plan the details
  • Download Yelp App
  • Download Google Maps

Unlike when I was a child, traveling is so much easier to plan.  Not only on my computer but straight from my phone or even my tablet. I don’t think my parents ever called ahead when we went anywhere.  Whether it was to a hotel or even a campground. We’d just show up and if there was a room or spot available, we’d sign in and that was that.  If there wasn’t, we’d go on to our next choice. I can’t imagine doing that in today’s world.   I download travel apps that help me plan ahead and I do a lot of research before we decide where we are going. For instance, If I’m going to Memphis, I check out the available lodgings and the itineraries and even the Memphis news. I put a lot of thought into things we all enjoy doing and I plan our travel around what activities are taking place in any area we decide to visit.   We don’t like to do the same things over and over.

Three Tips to Make Your Travel Plans More Organized

2.  Make Plans For Pets

  • Find in-home pet care

I’m a pet owner but the only pet I travel with is my dog.  I have everything from furry pets to reptiles.  Some pets I choose not to travel with because of the stress it causes them.  For instance, my cat does not like to go anywhere and even though I miss her, I know she’s better off at home.  And of course, I can’t tell you how many fish I have.  I have several tanks and even beta tanks.  Some of my tanks are so big, there’s no way they’d fit in a vehicle to take them to a kennel. Because of the types of some of my pets,  I have to have in-home pet care when I travel.  When I seek in-home pet care, I prefer a professional.  It’s just a preference and I don’t discredit other types of pet sitters at all. I have a lot of love and money invested in my pets.

Three Tips to Make Your Travel Plans More Organized

3.  Before I travel

  • Make a list of things to do

After planning my trip and finding a pet sitter, there are several things I do around my home to prepare for travel.  Please check out my below checklist that I print out, and leave on my front door to check off before we walk out of the house.  I don’t want to worry while we are enjoying out travel plans, that I’ve forgotten to do anything before I leave.  Feel free to use my list for your travel plans as well.

  • Pack 
  • Charge camera batteries
  • Charge laptop if I’m taking it
  • Buy extra batteries
  • Pay bills
  • Let the neighbors know I’m leaving and how long I’ll be gone (we have a neighborhood watch team)
  • Empty the trash
  • Unplug everything
  • Add Clorox or baking soda in my toilet bowls and down my drains
  • Dump out all leftovers out of the fridge

Three Tips to Make Your Travel Plans More Organized