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Three Ways To Get Through Exams!

Exams are arguably the most daunting thing that you ever have to do. Taking mock exams is bad enough, but when the real thing comes round, all you can think about is how you’re going to fail, your life will be over, your family will hate you, and you’ll be disowned for life. When so much is riding on one single exam, it’s easy to see why your trail of thought would lead to this. Afterall, you spend so much time prepping, and you just never know what’s going to happen on the day. The exam could be full of questions you weren’t expecting, it could be worded differently to how you’ve been revising for it… the list of possibilities could go on! So if you have exams coming up, or perhaps they’re a few months away but you’re still stressing, then this is the article for you. We’ve got some great ways you can get through your exams, or at least prepare for them!

Three Ways To Get Through Exams!

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Are You A Last Minuter?

Don’t think that because you’re a last minuter, that this is going to go against you. Some people actually work so well under the pressure, and more goes into the brain if they spend the last few days hammering the revision. But if you’ve always been a last minuter and it just hasn’t worked for you, then maybe it’s time to change things a little bit. Generally if you have an exam, you should start revising around two months before. This gives you plenty of time to draw information from multiple resources, take it all in, and go over it again. Although if being a last minuter has worked for you before, make sure that a few weeks before you at least write up some notes to go through, then really do hammer it. Thinking that you’re just going to pass it, is such a big risk to take.

Don’t Just Use Google

Some people rely so heavily on Google, and we’re not trying to say that you shouldn’t. Google will most definitely be your best friend, but there are so many other resources that we think you should look at, especially books. Sometimes the books just explain things so much better than going onto a website, and it might even be filled with more accurate information.  There are plenty of journals on Google to explore that might help as well. You can also create a note by select of book text using software that allows you to take in the important things, and enhance your studying. If you take a few days to go down to your local library, and study from the books there, you’ll find that the quiet environment and the books will help you to take more in!

Prioritise Your Time

Prioritising your time doesn’t mean revising all of the time, and putting everything else aside. It actually means taking time to do other things, and spacing your revision out. The more time you spend revising, the more you’re overloading your brain, and the less things will go in. If you do revision in 30 minute blocks, followed by an hour break so that your day is spread out, and your mind is also occupied by other things.