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The Surge in Online School Popularity: Britain and The Rest of The World

As many people would agree, the growth of online learning started with covid 19. After months of lockdown, learning online has become a mainstay of education. The world is witnessing a shift from the traditional model of education to a schooling system that is more centric on people’s lives. Starting with Covid 19, here are some reasons schooling online is becoming a go-to in Britain.

  1. CoronaVirus

Since the pandemic, google has recorded over 600% increase in search queries with the search term ‘online school’. Thus, the impact of Covid 19 on the popularity of online schooling cannot be overlooked. However, The surge in popularity for British online school has a pre-pandemic testimonial. Britain is one of the countries whose educational curriculum operates in many other countries.

According to a study by Research and Market, the forecasted global market for online education will reach $350 Billion by 2025. This pre-pandemic research put Britain atop the market cap for online education, coming only second to the United States.

  1. Homeschooling On The Rise

Apart from Covid 19, a notable driver of the online education market is the growing interest of parents to home educate their kids. Parents cite religion, children’s specific needs, lifestyle, and  dissatisfaction with local schools as reasons for withdrawing their kids from schools.

Today, online schooling has become a part of the broad homeschooling model. Parents are topping homeschooling up with structured online learning.

BBC published in 2015 that there was a “65% increase in children recorded as home educated in the Uk in the past six years”. And there has been no downward spiral ever since. The benefit of homeschooling is that parents choose curriculum based on faith, culture, family lifestyle, and child learning needs.

  1. The Rise of Nomadic Lifestyles

In a world of freelancing and remote work, more and more parents are embracing nomadic lifestyles. To explore the world and different cultures, they set off on round-the-world trips.

Traveling families are always on the road. Enrolling their wards in a brick-and-mortar school is a waste of time and money. As they map out their journey, not halting their children’s education becomes part of the plan. That’s where online schooling comes to play.

Online learning allows them to educate their kids anywhere at any time. They learn from certified teachers who use a structured provincial curriculum. Irrespective of where their adventure takes them, they are sure their kids are getting a quality education.

Kids will also still be able to do a lot of the things they would do in traditional settings, such as going on educational tours. There are group tours to Italy. and all over Europe to consider so that you can expand your child’s learning experience. By living a nomadic lifestyle you can easily incorporate this as a fun adventure for the whole family.

  1. Bullying and Other Challenges

The increase in the report of bullying in schools forced some parents to embrace online learning. On a global landscape, England is one of the worst countries for bullying among school pupils. That’s another reason why most parents pull their children out of school and go for online schools.

Kids with medical restrictions to physical activities or disabilities can have difficulty going to local schools. Enrolling in online school is the best way to make them learn from their perceived comfort zone.


There’s every indication that online schooling is the future of education. If you are considering online school for your kids, a single search on Google will spoil you with options. Whatever your reason might be, make sure you select an online school that is registered.

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