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Tips and Tricks to Always Have a Youthful Smile

Are you satisfied with the way your teeth look? Or do you think it needs to look more youthful and flawless? There’s always room for improvement, so you should visit your dentist regularly and consult on the best options for improving your smile. In between your regular check-ups, we can offer several useful tips and tricks to help you transform your sallow teeth into a pearly white smile that everyone will admire.

Use a straw when drinking dark beverages

Ideally, to achieve a flawlessly white smile, you should avoid coffee, tea, red wine and all dark beverages that have the potential to stain your teeth. We understand that coffee is many people’s favourite hot beverage that they start the day with, but it can wreak havoc on the colour of your teeth. If possible, brush your teeth and/or rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash after having a cup of coffee. Using a straw to drink iced tea or sugary beverages will be best as the liquid will go straight from the glass to your throat, without touching your teeth.

Stay away from sticky and crunchy food

Sticky sweet foods like candy and cakes are the worst choice of foods for your teeth. Aside from potentially staining them, they can cause cavities and make your teeth feel too sensitive. Furthermore, the rest of your body won’t be so grateful to you for consuming those foods. Dental experts from Australia recommend we swap crunchy and sticky foods for fruits and vegetables that have a much better effect on your teeth. Strawberries, apples and celery, cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products will be your teeth’s best friends.

Braces will do wonders for your smile

Tips and Tricks to Always Have a Youthful Smile

Nothing looks better than a set of perfectly aligned teeth. Have you noticed that your teeth need straightening? Make an appointment with experienced dentists at Dental Lab in Australia to check the condition of your teeth and start the treatment as soon as possible. The sooner you detect the problem, the less time it will take for it to be solved. From retainers to clear aligners, you can opt for several solutions that will eventually make your teeth look flawless. You won’t ever have to hide your smile again because, with the proper treatment, it will become sparkly and shiny in only a few months.

Use teeth whitening treatments

When you notice that your teeth don’t look as white as they used to be, teeth whitening treatments can help a lot. Scheduling a treatment with your dentist is always the best policy, as they know exactly how to approach the issue and solve it efficiently. You will have the option to do a series of whitening treatments until you reach your desired goal, all with the consultation of an expert. Always choose experienced and professional dentists in Australia to know that your smile is in safe hands.

Try at-home whitening kits

No time to go to the dentist? At-home whitening treatments are another way to get that lovely pearly white smile. Teeth whitening strips, gels, and pens are some of the effective teeth whitening options people worldwide use. Brushing your teeth with baking soda is another trick that offers instant results, but shouldn’t be applied too often because baking soda is an astringent, after all. Toothpaste with whitening properties is recommended, as well as foods that promote whiteness, such as milk, cheese and yoghurt. If you have grey fillings, they will also contribute to your smile looking older. Consider changing your fillings and making your teeth look white and young again.

Makeup helps

Not only can makeup transform the look of your entire face, but it can also have a high impact on the appearance of your teeth. Have you ever noticed the difference between lips with red lipstick and nude lips? Red lipsticks with a blue undertone look more flattering because they cancel out the sallow shade in your teeth, no matter the intensity. Whether your teeth are slightly yellow or need deep whitening treatment, a red lipstick such as MAC Cosmetic Ruby Woo or Avon Cosmetics True Colour Matte Ruby Kiss and Ravishing Rose will make your teeth look up to two shades whiter than they are. Exfoliating your lips and applying a nourishing lip balm to keep the pout plump and crack-free is of the essence. The last thing you need is a dazzling lipstick colour on chapped lips when trying to improve the appearance of your smile.

Final thoughts

When you notice your smile isn’t as youthful as before, it’s time for lifestyle changes. Avoiding food and drinks that stain your teeth is imperative, alongside practising proper dental hygiene. Include teeth whitening toothpaste into your routine and rinse your mouth with water or mouthwash after consuming teeth-staining food and beverages. Reach out to makeup for help, and don’t forget that dentists play a crucial role in keeping your smile white with their regular check-ups and whitening treatments. 

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