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Top Reasons to Buy Pool Pumps that Stay Quiet

Top Reasons to Buy Pool Pumps that Stay Quiet

The pumps are necessary devices for maintaining the hygiene of the pool. Together with the filtration mechanism, they represent the ‘heart’ of the entire water system and must be compatible. For example, a small filter cannot bear a large pump. The water jet would be too strong and would bounce off the filter instead of passing through it.

This mini mechanism is used to purify small dirt and also to circulate the chemicals added to the water. When choosing the right pump for the pool, it is necessary to pay attention to its power, the minimum flow of water, as well as the sounds it creates. Noise is one of the biggest problems that pool owners face. Here you can get information on how to solve this problem, but it is not a permanent solution.

Influence of Noise on Human Health

The engine driving the pump needs a lot of energy to move large volumes of water. Initially, the sounds emitted by this unit are not loud. At a distance of one meter from the pump, the human ear registers a volume of about 70 decibels. It is still acceptable, although more prolonged exposure to noise can cause mild psychological distress and hearing disorders.

Over time, due to the depreciation of the material, the pump runs loud while working. If the mechanism is very close to the wall, it will cause diffraction of sound waves (the ear perceives sound higher than it is). If the wall has an uneven surface, this echo is even louder.

Pool owners can’t avoid this problem, although they can reduce it to an acceptable level. But there are ways to solve it right after building a pool, by installing a less noisy pump. In these quiet devices, the engine power and the volume of its operation are not conditioned.

Purchase Pays Out in the Long Run

Top Reasons to Buy Pool Pumps that Stay Quiet

Swimming pools are not a luxury because everyone can afford them these days. Still, this is not an excuse to equip it with equipment of low quality. According to Soundproof Pros,quiet pumps are a good investment, although these costs are initially high.

The few hundred dollars you invest in these filtration systems will be returned to you through increased satisfaction and longer unit life. The engines used in devices of the newest technology are heavy-duty and have specialized ventilation installed that counteracts smell and makes the whole assembly quiet.

Most manufacturers of these devices have started using variable speed technology. Pool owners can adjust the water filtration speed on their own, which can mean huge savings, especially in energy. Also, the propeller that most of these pumps have prevents the engine from overheating, which further affects its quieter and calmer work. It means the pump won’t break frequently, and there will be no need for additional servicing.

No Hard Feelings among Neighbors

On warm summer days, when you just want to hop in the water and lie in the Sun, the least you need is loud humming sounds that disturb your peace and commotion. Neither people living in your area want that.

Although the pool pump is most noisy just where it is located, and a few meters away, the sound bouncing off the obstacles of various objects can become an echo and extend far beyond. If you live in a city, surrounded by tall buildings and walls, and in the back yard you have a loud-working above-ground pool pump, be prepared for the angry neighbors.

The solution is probably purchasing and installing an in-ground water-filtration system, but not everyone can do that. Buying a quiet pump can quickly solve this problem. Instead of an unpleasant loudness, these devices emit sounds at a white noise level, almost silent. The calmness and continuity of the filtration system will guarantee you a pleasant time by the pool.

On the link below, check the pros and cons for both in-ground and above-ground pools:


When you think of the pool, the first things that come to your mind are hot summer days and enjoying the water with a cocktail in your hand. No one thinks about the unbearable noise because it does not fit into the picture described above. But back to reality, these things can ruin all the fun and relaxation.

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