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How To Deep Clean Your Fridge

In order to clean the fridge properly, you should know some useful tips which are mentioned in this article.

Pull Out the Food

Throw away all the old and spoiled products. All the good products should be put into the freezer in order to be preserved while you are cleaning other parts of your fridge.

Take Away all the Shelves and Boxes

In order to make the process of cleaning easier, you should remove all the shelves and boxes from the fridge and put them away. Ones that are made of plastic or metal can be simply washed with a hot water. Shelves and boxes made of glass or ceramic should be washed with warm water only because hot water can spoil them and the appearance of cracks is possible.

Surface Cleaning

To clean the outside surface of the refrigerator you will need a wet sponge and a bit of cleaning soap which you usually use for washing up. You should start from the top to prevent from dripping on the already clean surface. If you need to remove dried splashes, you can apply a wet sponge on the dirty area for a few minutes. It will soak and the splashes will be removed easily.

After that, you should wipe the area with a dry sponge or cloth to remove the drops. Pay attention to the almost inaccessible back part of the refrigerator, where splashes can be found. In the end, you should wipe the interior doors. Additionally, if you find that there is some problems with your fridge, you can use cheap fridge removal services to replace old ones.

Shelves & Boxes Cleaning

After your shelves and boxes have soaked in hot or warm water, you can clean them properly. You should pay special attention to glass and ceramic ones because they are sloppy and you can crash them. In order to prevent this, you can use special gloves made of rubber.

Dry Out the Inside Surface

To dry up the inside surface of the fridge you will need a dry towel or some other material. Dry it properly.

Put the Food Back

Now you can put the food into the clean refrigerator. You can see what dishes, containers, and jars are dirty and you have the possibility to clean them. You have to make sure that the sponges and other materials you are using for wiping are clean. Don’t forget to wipe the capacities with a dry cloth.

Freezer Cleaning

In cleaning the freezer, all the same, methods can be used. Usually, there are almost no splashes and dirt in the freezers, so it is easier to keep them clean. The only thing you should always remember is that you must remove old and spoiled food from there. But in case if it is dirty, then all the same methods listed above can be applied here.

Outside Cleaning

Use some warm water combined with soap meant for washing up and start to clean the surface from the top in order to avoid drips. If your refrigerator is made of stainless steel then you should be careful in order not to scratch the surface.

Use vinegar and a soft cloth to receive a radiant surface in a safe way. Remember that you should also clean the rubber pads on the edges of the door and you can do this with the help of soap and warm water.

Drip Pan Should Be Considered

There exist some models of fridges that have removable drip trays. They are used as condensers. If you are an owner of such a model then the following instruction is for you. Peel off the protective grille from the front part of your fridge and find a drip tray. Drip trays can be covered with mold and in order to protect your skin, you should use gloves.

You should clean the drip tray properly. To do this you may need whitening agents. Then the drip tray should be dried and put back. If you have some questions you may consult the instruction for your fridge.

Fridge Coils

Disconnect the refrigerator from the power and pull it away from the wall. If the coils are situated on the back side of the refrigerator you can use a brush to vacuum them. There exist some models in which coils are located behind the vent on the top bottom and some in which vents are screwed on over the coils.

In these cases, a narrow tube of your vacuum cleaner should be applied. If you are puzzled then you should consult the instruction of your refrigerator. Finally, you can turn the fridge on and put it in its place.

How To Deep Clean Your Fridge