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Types of Baby Carriers

Types of Baby Carriers

A baby carrier is an enclosure that keeps the baby closer to you when you are outdoors and travel. You can use a baby carrier when you are running errands, doing any housework, or taking a walk. There are baby carriers that are available in a range of options, designs, and colors. There different types of baby carriers from which you can choose.

Baby Carrier Types

1.  Classic baby carriers

These type of baby carriers have padding that supports the head, bottom, and back. It comes with adjustable buckles and straps that hold the body of the baby secure and do not let it slip. A few classic baby carriers are available with inserts that are positioned at the bottom. There are a few models of baby carriers that can be worn on the back as well as the hip. A common variety of classic baby carriers are the ones that are worn on the front side.

The classic baby carriers are easy to find when you go shopping to buy them. They usually come with many buckles and let you hold the baby securely to yourself. Older babies might find classic baby carriers uncomfortable as they need more space for movement compared to infants and newborns.

2. Ring sling baby carriers

A ring sling baby carrier is a fabric baby carrier that is attached on two sides with a ring. One of the ends of the fabric is inserted inside the ring to be able to adjust the fastening. The ring sling baby carrier is worn diagonally across the body that holds the baby secure inside this type of a carrier. It does not come with buckles; you so still have to hold the baby when you use this carrier. They can also be used to carry older babies as well as toddlers.

These are lightweight carriers and can be used when you are breastfeeding your babies. This type of baby carrier may give you discomfort to your back if you carry it for a longer period of time. It can also get dirty easily.

3.  Wraps baby carriers

These are fabric baby carriers that come with stretchable fabric. They are available in variable lengths and can be wrapped around the body. They come in stretchy fabrics as well as woven fabrics. You first need to wrap this fabric around yourself and then wrap the baby around you using the stretchy fabric. These type of baby carriers can be easily used for babies without any weight limit. These type of baby carriers reduce the pressure on the back and shoulders when carrying the baby.

4.  Soft structured carriers

These are the type of baby carriers that can be worn in the front, back, and on the hip. They come with fabric and straps. The straps at the bottom of the carrier are positioned around the waist area. This creates a pouch inside which the baby can sit. These types of baby carriers come with padding and buckles. It provides support for the legs and comes with adjustments and inserts. These are the type of baby carriers that are most suitable for the newborns.

They are unsuitable for older babies as it can put pressure on the shoulders of the parents carrying the baby using this type of a baby carrier.

5.  Backpack baby carriers

These are the type of baby carriers that are worn like a backpack that comes with storage space along with a seat that has a frame for the baby to sit in. Additional buckles are fitted around the waist and straps are provided for additional security when holding the child.

This type of baby carrier is not suitable for newborns. You can use this type of a baby carrier once the baby is older and can support its head and neck. These types of carriers are ideal if you want to take your toddlers or babies outdoors on hiking or travel with them.

These types of baby carriers are bulky and need to be assembled before you use them. They could also put a strain on the back when used for a longer time.

6.  Pouch carriers

These type of baby carriers do not have straps or buckles. They are compact carriers inside which the baby can sit. Use for longer hours can cause pain in the back and the neck of the carrier. The can be carried in the front as well as back. It is ideal to carry the newborns in the front and older babies at the back.
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