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Upgrade My Mac: How To Upgrade My Mac And Why Should I?

Are you thinking about the question why should I upgrade my Mac? If you’ve recently purchased a new MacBook Pro 16 inch with Magic Keyboard then you are probably thinking that there’s no need to upgrade.

But if you have an older Mac then you are probably concerned about getting the most out of your computer by upgrading.

Here’s everything you need to know about is my Mac upgradable?

What is Mac OS?

Mac OS is Apple’s dedicated operating system for Mac computers that sits alongside iOS for iPhones, iPad OS for iPads, and WatchOS for their Apple Watch series.

Unlike Windows which is an open system, Mac is more a closed system. This is great because it decreases the number of viruses your Mac is likely to get but also means developers have to get through more hurdles before they get to have their app accepted on the App store or their software included.

Mac OS is also generally more intuitive and user friendly than Windows with all the programs and settings easily available.

Apple brings out an upgrade to Mac OS every year and this is revealed at their annual World Wide Developers Conference.

How to Upgrade

If you want to upgrade to Mac OS then you can do this by downloading it when you are prompted by your operating system. Alternatively, you can open up settings from the dock and press the system upgrade option.

You will need to restart your computer and the upgrade will probably take around an hour or more to install so wait until you have time to do this. Don’t upgrade when you are on a deadline for work or need to use your Mac for something urgent.

Prepare For Mac OS Big Sur

The next upgrade coming to Mac OS is called Big Sur. It is expected to be available for download in September or October 2020. Announced at the WWDC conference in June, it includes several new features.

The look and feel of OS has been given a refresh to make it more in line with iPad OS and iOS. The edges on all the programs will now be rounded and the system will look more transparent.

Safari will now come with extensions like Google Chrome and tabs look a lot better. Automatic translation of foreign language websites will also come as standard.

The search function has also been upgraded to allow you to find files more easily. It’s now more powerful.

Maps are also more sophisticated than ever before with 3D street-view like imaging built-in and cycle and walking routes added in.

Health Check

To get your Mac ready to upgrade be sure to clear off any unneeded apps on your computer.

If there are Apps you’ve never used to don’t find useful delete them. You also install software from reputable companies that can give your Mac a ‘health check’ advising you if the battery needs replacing or other issues you need to tend to before upgrading.

Upgrade With More Cloud Storage

One thing you might want to consider is upgrading your file storage space. If you run out of space to store files then first of all evaluate what you already have.

If you have lots of HD or UHD films stored on the storage then delete these when you’ve finished with them. If you have too many files then this can slow down your computer.

All files should now be stored in the Cloud by default. This is great and can mean you can access your files from every device that you own, without fear of losing them.

As a standard user, you are only entitled to the basic amount of storage that you can easily fill up. Instead, consider upgrading your storage and keeping your important files there, it costs as little as $0.99 per month.

Failing this then you could consider purchasing an external hard drive that you can carry around with you: you can buy as much as 1TB of storage where you could store an entire archive of television and film to enjoy at your own convenience.

Remember if you do decide to go down this route then you will need an adaptor for your Mac if you have a newer model that uses USB-C. Most external hard drives still use USB-A.

This can be a better option than upgrading ram but you can read some tips on how to upgrade my mac with more ram if you want to know how to do it here: https://setapp.com/how-to/upgrade-ram-on-mac

Remember upgrading Ram on your Mac could void your warranty and will likely be expensive.

Consider a New Mac or iPad Pro

The ultimate upgrade is to consider purchasing a new Mac. If you have a model that is older than 2015 then this is definitely worth considering.

The pace of change in technology over the past few years means that something you bought just five years ago is now considered ancient and might struggle to run the latest operating system and apps.

Apple has so many options. Their latest iPad Pro included mouse support and you can purchase a magic keyboard so this might even be an upgrade option rather than a traditional Mac. Macs from 2021 will have Mac OS Big Sur preloaded onto them and will also start to ship with Apple’s own chip inside them rather than an Intel. This will make them more efficient.

Upgrade My Mac? Do Your Research

If you are considering how to upgrade your Mac then the important question to ask is what do you want to upgrade? The operating system gets refreshed every year and the cloud offers extra storage to free up the system itself and stop it slowing down.

If you are interested in reading more about answers to questions such as should I upgrade my Mac or is my mac upgradable be sure to check out the rest of our site.

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