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An Expert’s Guide to Organizing Your Closet

Does your closet look like a hoarding site?

Disorganized closets make finding things difficult. Plus, it’s embarrassing if a guest opens it up for something. In fact, research shows that clutter actually increases stress and anxiety.

Is it time to give your closet a makeover? Read on to learn how to organize your closet to improve your life.

Empty the Closet

Attempting to organize a full closet will lead to frustration. You will probably just end up rearranging the clutter.

Instead, implement one of the first steps to organizing your bedroom closet and empty the entire space out. Dust the walls and vacuum the floor to give yourself a clean slate to take pride in.

Get Rid of Stuff

You know those pants you’ve held on to for 5 years just in case you want to wear them one day? Let them go.

Throw away broken things and other junk that builds up over time. Recycle empty boxes, old appliances, and other stuff that you really do not need to save.

Get real with yourself. Donate clothing that does not fit or that you realistically will never wear again.

Separate Items

Create piles for different items. For instance, put books together in one pile, shirts together in a separate pile, shoes together in another pile, and so on.

This will allow you to take inventory. If you notice that you own 4 very similar blouses, let 1 or 2 go. Separating the items also sets you up for putting things away in an organized way.

Put Things in Their Proper Place

When guests pop over with little notice, your house may appear more cluttered than you noticed earlier. Closets can end up a hodgepodge for everything you want to hide under these circumstances.

If you notice a pile of random stuff that belongs in other places, relocate it. Do not throw tools that belong in the garage or kitchenware that belong in cupboards back into your closet.

Customize It

Customize your closet to optimize space for everything you want and need. You might add tiered shelving, hooks, drawers, a built-in shoe rack, and multiple hanging racks.

This will not only increase the space, but it will also look fantastic. It offers the best way to organize your closet to suit your needs!

Color Code Your Hangers

Use different colored hangers to categorize your closet. Always keep each color in its spot.

You might keep warm-weather wear on red hangers and cool-climate clothing on blue. This will help you find what you want to wear quickly. 

Box Small Stuff

Put your small accessories, like jewelry, pictures, and accessories into boxes. This will prevent you from misplacing precious items.

Boxes will stack neatly on shelves and easily slip into closet drawers. At a home goods store, you can find decorative boxes that add a pop of color and a touch of style into your closet.

Organize Your Closet Today

Don’t wait to declutter your life. Organize your closet now and you’ll feel so much better.

You will feel a sense of accomplishment and it will lift a burden off of you. Plus, it will be nice to easily find what you need.

Did you find this life hack beneficial? Let me help you get it all together. Read more tips on my website today.

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