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What Are Fertile Quail Eggs and Things to Check When Buying Them Online?

Raising quail is gaining rapid popularity around the world. There are several reasons behind this, but the two major ones are meat and eggs. Quail’s eggs are a delicious and healthy snack, containing a significant amount of protein, riboflavin, iron, and Vitamin B12. Its meat has several health benefits, including increasing immunity and strengthening bone, as it’s loaded with protein and other essential nutrients.

What Are Fertile Quail Eggs and Things to Check When Buying Them Online?

If you are looking to raise quail and are searching for fertile eggs, buying fertile quail eggs for sale online is a much better option than those found in physical stores. Buying them online ensures you receive the best quality, with the highest chances of hatching and fertility, and protected by the most secure protective packaging. But if you’re buying them for the first time, here’s what you should know.

What are these?


Fertile quail eggs are what they sound like: fertilized eggs that you can hatch through a process called incubation. They contain both male and female cells or genetic materials. Quails lay about two dozen eggs annually, but only one out of every 100 will become fertile enough for human consumption. These are usually brown or tan with dark brown or black speckles over them. 

What is the size?

The size varies depending on which species you choose – some are larger than others (the Japanese variety tends to be smaller), but most will fit comfortably into your hand when held upright with one hand cupped underneath it like a nest shape.

How are they different from regular ones?

A fertile quail egg isn’t different from an ordinary quail egg other than the fact that they’re fertilized. You can’t tell them apart from a regular egg by appearance or size. The only way to know whether or not a given egg is fertile is by cracking it open and seeing if there’s a bullseye on the yolk inside–if so, congratulations! You have yourself a fertilized quail egg.

Things to check before buying them online 

Those can be shipped to you and then incubated in your home; all you need is an incubator or a hatcher, which are available at most pet stores or online shops.

Before buying them, check whether they are shipped within 72 hours after they have been laid to ensure their freshness. You should choose a breeding company that provides the highest breeding rates by pairing four hens with one rooster. Go for companies that regularly audit for fertility rates and only select those with above 95% of hatching eggs. 

Also, check the packaging method of the company. Go with those that have foam egg shippers since these guarantee their safety, as plastic or cardboard egg cartons compromise the safety of the egg during delivery. Some breeders also offer 20% additional hatching eggs with every shipment to cover the losses of items damaged during transportation (if any). 

Another thing that you should check beforehand is the weight and dimensions of the egg. Usually, the average weight of a fertile quail egg is about 9 grams (0.32 ounces).

You should buy fertile quail eggs for sale online because it’s the easiest and safest option. Moreover, purchasing them online guarantees freshness and ensures you buy those with the highest fertility. 

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