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What Should You Check in a Storrs Student Housing Facility

Are you planning to study at UConn as a college student? If you are, you will be living in Storrs student housing soon. As a student, the accommodation you will be living in during your time in college is crucial as it can directly impact your studies and lifestyle while away from home. This article will help you understand about all the amenities and facilities you can check when going for Storrs CT apartments for rent.


The apartment should be an excellent place for college students who wish to be within walking distance of campus. 

The best Storrs student housing buildings are located within proximity to campus in terms of location. The well-located apartments and dormitories help students to commute to the university with minimal hassle. If you want to stay close to campus without being too dependent on the public transport system, you must choose the accommodation that suits your needs in terms of its location. Since the best accommodations in Storrs are located near the major educational institutions, you can find best-in-class apartments near your college or university campus. This can help you save money and time on commutation every day.

Standard Amenities and Utilities

The current population of Storrs, Connecticut, is 16,352 based on the projections of the latest US Census estimates.

Top apartments in Storrs, CT, offer internet access, a 24-hour fitness center, and much more. You can also look for places that provide private outdoor spaces or balconies to maximize your comfort and convenience.

Is There an Emergency Number?

Many student residences in Storrs, CT, provide their tenants with one or more telephone numbers to call for emergencies. The telephone number can be used to report damaged facilities and other urgent cases requiring immediate attention from the apartment manager or repair service. 

Therefore, checking for these services and whether the phone numbers provided are working is a must before signing a tenancy contract.

Social Scene and Recreation Activities

The best student housing accommodations ensure a vibrant lifestyle for its residents, as it provides facilities like on-site grocery stores and restaurants. So, if you believe in enjoying the social life of your college campus, look for an apartment that offers you a good view and enough opportunities for recreational activities. 

Housekeeping and Maintenance

Some Storrs apartments offer top-class housekeeping services to enhance your living experience with facilities like 24/7 emergency maintenance, weekly cleaning service, and leasing office.

On the other hand, some apartments also provide their residents with daily housekeeping services.

Safety Features

The best apartments boast state-of-the-art fire protection with fire sprinklers and smoke detectors in each unit. Hence, you must check the security features of a student housing in Storrs, CT, before signing the lease.


The cost of staying at some dormitories is cheaper when compared to other luxury student housing facilities. But, the facilities are the same as you would find in any top-class Storrs student housing facility. Hence, it is essential to check the rates. According to reports, the median rent in Storrs, CT, is around $1,463.

Utilities Provided

It is essential to check for utilities in a Storrs, CT apartment for rent. For example, laundry machines and vending machines too can be found in many properties. So, by checking all the amenities and utilities offered, you can find your perfect match for Storrs student housing facility.


Finally, by checking out these factors mentioned above, you can make an informed decision for Storrs student housing. So, once you find your suitable match for a UConn off-campus apartment or dormitory, visit the facility personally to experience the comfort and luxury of it.

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