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Reproductive health; 4 things that you need to know

For something that is such a crucial part of our body, we barely discuss any issues related to it. Everyone knows that keeping your vagina healthy is an important thing for your overall health, but do you know ways in which you can keep it healthy? Your vagina is a self-maintaining ecosystem that has the ability to actually cleanse itself. This is because of a good pH balance and good bacteria. There are a lot of things that can give you a vaginal infection, or there may be some issues that you are not even aware of. Worry not, we have gathered a list of 4 things that you should know in order to maintain a healthy vagina.

Follow good sexual hygiene

There is a lot of emphases these days on freeing up your sexual expression in today’s modern society. This is important, but so is practicing safe sex. A lot of infections can be passed to you by your sexual partner, which is why it is important to safeguard yourself. There is nothing wrong with keeping your sexual health as a priority, even if it involves an awkward conversation with your partner. Always use a condom in order to minimize urinary tract infections and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.

Get your hymen checked

It is a myth that every girl deals with a broken hymen after sex. In reality, your hymen is a thin layer that partially or fully covers your vaginal opening. This can interfere with your menstrual cycles and even sex if it has a malformation. It is important to get it checked by your gynecologist. If you have trouble or pain during sex, you might have to get a hymenectomy procedure that will be finalized by your OB/GYN. If you experience weird abdominal pain and even some trouble with your flow, this might be the main cause behind it.

Allow self-healing

There is a range of ridiculous products out there in the market that claim to give your vagina a nice smell. Your vagina is supposed to have a natural smell, it can not possibly smell of roses. Using these feminine hygiene products can seriously unhinge the balanced pH levels inside and can lead to an infection. Try to ditch the sprays, soaps, and wipes and let your vagina breathe. It will automatically heal itself of any issues unless you have a severe STD.

Take probiotics

Your vagina is the most healthy when your body has the right amount of probiotics in it, helping you to produce good bacteria. It is important to focus on probiotics along with a balanced and nutritious diet for your reproductive health. The Lactobacillus germs help in keeping your vaginal canal balanced and healthy. Having foods such as miso, kimchi, yoghourt, and sauerkraut can ensure that you are getting enough probiotics to keep yourself healthy. This will enable your vagina to produce proper bacteria to maintain itself. 

Vaginal health is really important for a woman’s overall health. Pay attention to these tips in order to have a healthy vagina. 

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