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What You Must Know While Choosing Right Patio Doors

A good research before accomplishing any crucial task yields a perfect and desired result. The same goes for the selection of patio doors as well.

There are multiple aspects to consider while choosing a patio door. Whether you are replacing the patio door or planning to install a new one, you must have basic yet essential knowledge of patio doors to help your choice fit into your requirements. 

Consider the Space

Space is an essential factor to choose the style of doors. Take a look at these.


  • French Doors


Also known as swing patio doors or hinged doors, these are the preferred choice to save every inch of the patio-living space. French doors can be directed to swing in or out as they are hinged. The direction of swing depends on the space you have for the door inside or outside of the room.

They also work well against heavy wind, as the wind pressure seals the door more securely against the jamb.


  • Sliding Patio Door


The most popular style, also called bypass or gliding door, features two or more panels with wheels placed on the track to slide the panels to either side. 

The design of the sliding door makes it the best space-saving option. The experts at Justdoorsandconservatories.co.uk advise you to opt for slide doors if you want a broader outer view. Thinner border with maximum glass will brighten up your room and also open up the exterior view.  

Wall Space

Choosing the size of the entrance can significantly impact the look of the living space. Even when you are replacing the older patio door, you have a chance to resize the opening. Enlarging or decreasing the entrance has its own advantages.


  • Large Entrance


It gives the illusion of a large living space and makes the room look naturally brighter. It also gives you an experience of indoor-outdoor living by covering the maximum natural views. 


  • Small Entrance


It makes an ideal choice for those who want to keep the room and patio completely separate. It allows limited outer view and restricts abundant natural light. 

Suitable Material 

The type of material used in patio doors is a determining factor in making the right choice. Each material responds uniquely in different situations and climatic conditions. Take a look at the type of materials and their features. 


  • Vinyl


This is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions. It is cost-effective compared to wood and fiberglass and is equally energy-efficient. Also, they are lighter in weight and hence make a desirable material for sliding patio doors. You can get a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from, including the one resembling real wood.


  • Wood 


Wooden doors are expensive, but are stylish and can be customized to any color or design. The downside is they need extensive maintenance for their longevity. 


  • Fiberglass 


One of the finest materials for patio doors, fiberglass needs almost no upkeep. Plus, they can withstand outdoor elements and can be customized to match your home exterior. But, all these benefits come at a high price.


  • Aluminum 


Though, one of the lightest and cheapest materials for doors, aluminum is not so popular. You can blame its inability to retain heat or to keep cool air inside effectively. They are also prone to dents or scratches.

Glass and Blind Options

Patio doors offer a huge scope for customization. From decorative glass to built-in blinds, there are lots of options to boost aesthetic value to the patio doors and space. Check out these panel options.


  • Low-E Glass 


These glasses have an incredible capacity of retaining the room temperature intact, irrespective of outside weather. Also, they can prevent the entry of harmful UV rays, hence safeguarding the indoor furniture and accessories. No doubt, Low-E glasses are the most desired material for door patios. 


  • Decorative Glass 


Decorative glasses are most suitable for hinged or French patio doors. They lift the look of your backyard door while retaining your privacy. Frosted glass is another category under decorative glass for added privacy and simplicity.


  • Built-In Blinds 


Built-in blinds for patio doors give a unique look as the blinds are placed between the panes of glass. The cleaning also becomes easy and meets the requirement of privacy at the same time.

So, now when you have gone through the above guide, tailoring the right patio door by considering various options should not be a tough task. Still, if you have a doubt, you can take the assistance of a professional patio doors supplier.

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